SHORBY: To Retarget Your Shared Link Clicks (and Boost Your Instagram Bio Link)

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As most marketers, you’re probably sharing links on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be great to retarget the people that click on them? Shorby makes that possible!

Yea, this just got real.

Plug your ad tracking info for Facebook and Google into Shorby, grab your shortened links, and every shortened link click can be used to retarget in Facebook, Instagram, and Adwords.

Even when you’re sharing on Pinterest, or Reddit, or whatever dark hole just took up your entire afternoon, you can retarget.

Oh, and do you wish you had more options for your Instagram bio link? Bonus feature (or driving force, am I right?).

With Shorby, you can get a fancy IG bio link with a lot of flexibility. Maybe you want to easily connect with your audience on other social platforms? Give them a few options to contact you directly? Or you could include additional links for landing pages, flash sales, etc.

Setup Shorby the best way for you, and add a super-powered link in your bio.

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