SPAM Niches Sites are BACK!

SPAM Niches Sites are BACK!

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SPAM Niches Sites are BACK! – It’s not 2005, but maybe when it comes to SEO, some things never change?

In this newsletter, we’re going to talk about the new spam niche sites appearing in SERPS and most importantly, what you can learn from them to make your own niche sites better.

Let’s start with a little screenshot…

Increasingly this year, Sara and I have seen sites popping up in the SERPS that look like this.

A very new site, with a DR 0-something, getting 20… 50… 100,000 organic visitors per month!

When you open a site like this, and read one of their articles, you invariably get sentences like this:

“If you want the skin that looks perfection, nothing is more critical than the
maintenance of hydration in some areas of trouble.”

Yes. That’s me impersonating a content AI impersonating a human writer. You’re welcome 🙂

But Google loves it, as evidenced by the screenshot above. At least, they love it for a little while.

What Are These Spam Sites?

They get a domain – sometimes an expired one for help with links, but sometimes a new one – and they use these AI content generators to publish articles.

Their keyword strategy, I’m not exactly sure about. But based on what they end up ranking for, I think they’ve got a good process in place to isolate low competition keywords for monetizable terms, often where other niche sites are already ranking.

They publish a lot of articles quickly. The site in this example above has 360 indexed pages in Google.

The on-page SEO is always good. Simple fast themes. (This example site uses Generate Press like we do). Good category structure. Internal linking.

And that’s about it. Within a few months you can have a traffic graph that looks like this:

Of course, sites like this don’t last. It might be 6 months or a year but it only takes one manual review and they’ll be gone from the SERPS forever.

Of course, these people don’t care. It’s churn and burn baby! Just like the early 2000s, if you can use software to make spam websites in minutes and they earn revenue… who cares if you only get 3 months out of it? Make another one and keep smiling!

Google’s March 2024 Core Update has indeed had a significant impact. It deindexed hundreds of websites, targeting low-quality content and AI-generated spam1. These deindexed sites face severe consequences, losing organic search traffic and advertising revenue. The update aligns with a study that found a high prevalence of AI-generated content among the affected websites1If you’re curious about specific winners and losers, there’s more information available on this topic.

What other updates have impacted search results?

Certainly! Here are some recent updates that have impacted search results:

  1. Improved Quality Ranking:
  2. New and Improved Spam Policies:
    • Expired Domain Abuse: Prevents expired websites from being repurposed as spam repositories.
    • Scaled Content Abuse: Addresses automation-generated low-quality or unoriginal content.
    • Site Reputation Abuse: Targets manipulative behaviors leading to unoriginal, low-quality content.
    • Obituary Spam: Aims to reduce spam related to obituaries.
    • Helpful Content FAQ: Provides guidance on creating helpful content1.

Stay informed about these updates to enhance your understanding of search quality! 🌐🔍


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