Forex Fortunes Guide

Forex Fortunes Guide

Create The Mindset Your Need Trade Like A Pro

Forex Fortunes Guide – The aim of this book is to give readers a brief overview on Forex markets from the means through which traders can develop the proper mindset when trading, how to trade on the Forex market, why emotional management is critical to successfully trading on the Forex market, to discussing some of the favorable qualities a good Forex trader should possess.

These aspects of Forex trading will be discussed in depth in the other chapters that follow but for now, we tackle the basics pertaining to Forex trading as a money-making entity.

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Forex, abbreviated as FX, is a word that describes the simultaneous selling or buying of currencies; it is an OTC (Over the Counter) Market transaction which operates 24 hours a day, 5days a week.

Forex Markets are the largest financial markets possessing a trading volume of about $3 trillion per day. Forex trading operations take place in all the major financial trading centers all over the world; thus, these trading operations tend to overlap into the different time zones globally.

The Basics

Forex means the process of exchanging one currency for another based on the market’s exchange rate with these currencies being sold and purchased in pairs. For instance, for you to purchase Japanese Yen you have to sell US dollars and as a result Forex currencies have to be quoted in pairs for example GBP/USD, EUR/USD, or EUR/JPY.

Some currencies have more demand than others meaning that that those with more demand trade more frequently and are referred to as major currencies.

Some of the major currencies include the Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Australian Dollar, and US Dollar, whereas the less frequently traded currencies are called minor currencies, these are the currencies used in small developing countries, others refer to them as exotic currencies. Currencies commonly used as investment vehicles are confined into four pairs of currencies denoted by USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD.

Where Forex Trading Takes Place

In the past, Forex trading was exclusively conducted by hedge funds, central banks, multinational currency companies, and major banks; however, this has changed in recent times due the latest surge in internet development and market innovations allowing even the small-time trader the opportunity to participate in the Forex market. Some Forex broker companies offer a variety of accounts to their clients enabling retail traders the chance to trade in relatively smaller lots.

Even though Forex markets have undergone some remarkable improvement, it still remains largely unregulated; and Forex trading rules have not yet been clearly defined especially when trades go beyond international borders.

Furthermore, traders with a sizeable amount of risk capital as is the case with hedge funds and banks which have the ability to influence the Forex market due to their huge financial leverage; therefore, those with little or no experience in Forex trade will be venturing into risky unchartered territories.

In as much as Forex trading carries very high risks, traders who go through the trouble of educating themselves on the whole process could quite easily make a huge fortune in just a few weeks, with those doing the contrary getting disastrous results amounting to huge losses.

The Mindset and Trading

Forex trading can be highly lucrative especially if you are equipped with the necessary trading knowledge and skills. Apart from possessing trading skills, it is essential to have the right mindset for you to be successful in Forex trading.

This is the crucial aspect where most traders fail. No matter how good you are in utilizing various trading strategies but without the right mindset, you might not be able to achieve the desired results.

Some would think that trading success happens in an instant and that they can easily make money out of it overnight. Although there is some truth in this belief and it is not next to impossible, only those who continuously develop effective trading habits coupled with the right trading mindset can actually prosper. Here are the best tips that you can use to ensure success in Forex trading.


Step 1: Set Realistic Expectations

The initial step is to set realistic expectations. Of course, all people would want to earn profit. In this kind of business where currency trading is highly volatile, you win some and you lose some. Chances are, if you use the right strategies and forecast, you can definitely earn a huge sum. But on the other hand, you can also lose your money.

Basically, the point here is to hope for the best outcome and anticipate the worst-case scenario. There are still many factors and other market forces that can directly and indirectly affect currency trading. Make sure that you do not stake your whole life on the line just to be in the Forex trading business. It is strongly suggested that you trade using the disposable risk capital, the spare money that you can use for any trading ventures.

Step 2: Trade Wisely- Quality over Quantity

It is a common misconception of some traders that they have to trade everyday just to optimize their earnings. The truth of the matter is that, you can further elevate your earnings if only you will learn how to be more patient in trading. If you really want to achieve long term success and get to explore the markets, you need to learn how to trade using daily charts.

Along with learning how to properly use these daily charts to your advantage, you start to develop your trading mindset where you have to patiently wait for the right timing. Once you have calculated risks and you think you have the trading edge then that is the perfect time to make the decision.

Step 3: Be Organized in Your Approach

Learning the market forces that affect the movements in any trading system takes a while. Without any organized approach, you might end up losing your money. Before anything else, you need to come up with your own trading plan and trading journal.

This allows you to trade with discipline and to be more organized when it comes to your trading activities and trading options. Monitoring your daily trading journal enables you to assess your performance and monitor your earnings as well.

Last but not the least, use the price data and other relevant information before you trade. Be decisive in your trading decisions and always go for calculated risks.

How To Trade On The Forex

Since Forex is by far the most popular trading world of currency, it also connotes that one should be able to understand the factors involved in the trading process to truly garner profit from it. If you were one of the people who want to fit in and moreover, standout in this market, then some of the tips below would help you get a head start.

Understanding the Jargons of the Market

Jargons are basically the terms used in a certain company. To be able to understand the whole process, then one should take the time to integrate what the terms mean. The basic of these are the ‘base currency’, the term for the currency one is spending or is trying to get rid of.

This works primarily by selling one currency so you can actually buy another type of it. The ‘exchange rate’ is the term you look at when you want to know how much you would spend to buy base currency from your quote currency. These are just some of the terms found in Forex trading.

It is also important for you to decide on the two primary currencies that you want to buy and sell. Thus, just like any other businesses, you should be consistent in the quality of your task. Therefore, staying at one exchange rate would possibly entail bigger profits.

Opening an Account

A brokerage account is an important part of the exchanging currency business. You firstly have to consider the reliability of the broker you choose to open an account to. It is advisable to research about the broker’s background and how many years have he or she been in the industry.

In addition to this, you should also be able to identify the broker’s transparency through asking some of the people that also has an account.

Start your Trade!

This step is the most important part of this business. Once you started your venture and has done steps 1 and 2 for preparatory, be not complacent and still take time to analyze the market before you proceed to the trade itself. The technical, fundamental and sentiment analyses should be considered.

Technical means reviewing and researching on some charts regarding the trades. Fundamental is taking a bird’s eye view of the economic fundamentals of different countries, and thus using this to your advantage in choosing the right currencies. Lastly, the Sentiment analysis entails the mood of the market.

Never forget that every step you take can lead to the destruction or the progress of your trading. It is good to take risks, but it is better to always be cautious about it. Do not just engage in this trading venture because you thought it will be easy, every step is counted and therefore must be taken into full consideration.

For whatever it costs, also always be reminded that businesses are risks; but if you take the risks with the proper weapons of knowledge about how it will and can turn out, it usually pays off at the end.


Have Realistic Expectations

Why Set Realistic Expectations

Calculating Risks in Forex

Understand The Power Of Patience

Educate Yourself on the Forex Market

Create a Trading Plan and Stick to It

Wait for Your Trade Setup to Play Out

Trust Your Instincts

Know When to Call it Quits

Be Organized in Your Approach to the Markets

Planning is Still the Key to Success

Focus On a Few High-Potential Currency Pairs.

Use a Timetable

Expand Your Network 

And Much More…


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