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PLR Genius – Do you own a website? Do you do internet marketing, blogging, or email newsletters and blasts? Are you stretched thin and need more content?

Then at some point in time you might have considered using Private Label Rights or also known as PLR. Most people will not be familiar with Private Label Rights or how to utilize it in their internet strategies.

For those who haven’t used Private Label Rights now is the time to consider it. Considering the myriad ways someone can earn on the internet using not using them would be a silly strategy.

Private Label Rights is not something that is discussed in the mainstream and until recently has really been falling under the radar.

This guide will discuss 15 versatile applications of Private Label Rights content on your website, marketing, and money-making endeavors so you can be a PLR Genius!

What is Private Label Rights exactly?

Private Label Rights has its origins in private label products; have you ever seen Safeway branded water in the supermarket? its water bottled by a water bottling company like Dasani and sold with Safeway’s Private Label.

Private Label Rights work in a similar way; an author pens several articles which are then sold in bulk.

Private Label Rights comes in many shapes and forms with the only thing common to all are that they are digital products. Examples of Private Label Rights are articles, eBooks, graphic templates, charts, and excel spreadsheets.

The price is lower than having a free-lancer create one from scratch because there are several buyers with the cost spread across them.

Private Label Rights licenses can be different, but all have the same general principal, the license permits the buyer to rebrand and put their own name on the articles.

This includes the right to re-write, re-purpose and even resell in any format. Buyers are can even resell the Private Label Rights as another Private Label Rights to someone else.

However, make sure you read the fine print; not all Private Label Rights give the buyer the same right. In some cases, you have to retain their copyright, or you cannot resell the Private Label Rights or only in a limited capacity. Make sure you take a look at the right so that you do not run afoul of any legal problems.

What’s Included…

Who writes Private Label Rights? How is the quality compared to freelance articles?

15 ways to improve your Private Label Rights utilizations

Use excerpts to entice the customer

Create a course or stagger your information:

Become a blogger

Don’t forget about article directories

This is a special report

Beginner, Intermediate and advanced

The art of bundling

Discounting old stock

And Much More..


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