Explosive Article Tactics

Explosive Article Tactics

Explosive Article Tactics – Article marketing is one of the most under-rated methods of traffic generation for webmasters.

Most Internet marketers are familiar with the tactic of using articles to funnel traffic from article directories to their site.

While this in itself is OK, the problem lies in the fact that most of them have no clue how to really supercharge their efforts without spending a lot of time, and money.

Most marketers write a lame(ish) article, publish it on article directories such as ezinearticles.com and then hope for a flood of traffic.

If this is how you approach article marketing, then it is no wonder if it fails to convert to the killer traffic you were hoping for. In fact, you are wasting precious time, and resources with article marketing.

This eBook will remedy that problem for you. Once you are done reading Explosive Article Tactics you should be one of the few online marketers with the knowledge how to use articles to drive a ton of traffic to your website with the most possible effect.

But before I go into the nitty-gritty of the book, let me dispose of a common myth in the Internet marketing niche; there seems to be a growing consensus in certain circles that article marketing is dead..

Trust me, it’s not. Given the right knowledge and tactics you can run a growing online empire with the help of article marketing, and nothing else.

If done right, article marketing is going to fill your pockets with cash. For the purpose of giving, you the most bang for your efforts I have focused on using EZA (ezinearticles.com) as a prime example.

Since EZA is the biggest article directory on the Internet, it makes sense to use them in an eBook pertaining to the subject. You’ll get the most leverage from the information contained within this book due to the number of visitors using that particular site.

Are you ready to learn how?

The Fundamental Problem

Before we can delve into the real meat of Explosive Article Tactics you need to know what’s wrong with the current way you approach this.

For most marketers it would be the way they structure their articles. Each article is made up of a preset number of elements.

These are:

 The description
  The title/headline
  The introduction
  The article body
  Sub headings
  The transition/closing chapter
  The resource box

Unless these article elements flow seamlessly from one to another you will lose your reader within seconds. One of the most important aspects of article marketing is to combine these elements for the utmost effect.

Your objective is to dazzle your readers. You want to wow them with the quality of your information. In short, you want to the click.

If your article starts with a lame title, chances are that your reader is gone before he evens gets to read your content. With the Internet you only have a fraction of a second to impress the reader enough to stay on and actually read your content.

Since most people are skimming the content on websites to preserve time, your job is to hit them hard with the help of the title and sub headlines. Those are the two elements that stand out from any article. They are likely to get noticed the most by casual browsers.

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Writing Articles

A great article starts with the following not-so-secret ingredient: the keyword. If your keyword research is bad, then the resulting article will simply fail to hit your target market.

You can look at this as if you were trying to shoot an arrow at a specific target. If you don’t aim first, your arrow will likely shoot way past the desired target and be lost among the many other misfired arrows.

Article keyword targeting works very much the same. With all the articles that are published on directories, it becomes harder every day to pick the good ones from the bad, simply because there is just so much stuff out there. Unless you research your niche well there is hardly a point in submitting articles. It would be like shooting arrows in the dark!

Focus on the Long Tail

One of the surefire ways to increase your article marketing conversions is with the help of using long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is a natural expansion of the generic keyword such as “credit card.” Long tail keywords are usually made up of three, or more keyword strings such as no fee credit cards; credit cards for students, etc.

When you target the long tail keyword browser, you effectively capture a smaller slice of the market. Having said this, you will also have less competition which increases your traffic conversions – your CTR.

But no amount of targeting long tail keywords will increase your conversions, unless you combine them with the proper structural setup of articles for article marketing purposes.

How to Write Kick-Ass Articles

As already mentioned in the last chapter, you need to research your niche first, and spend some time to find the good keywords. By using long tails you eliminate your major competition while being able to see results fast. Long tails are usually quite easy to rank with the help of a few carefully placed backlinks. I’ll show you how later in this eBook.

The Money is in the Research

You might be already familiar with the term “the money is in the list.” If you want explosive article marketing tactics you need to understand that the money is also in the research.

Quite literally. I can’t stress this enough. Unless you research your niche from the ground up, you will always be
light-years behind your competition. Marketers that do extraordinarily well take the time to do this right.

With the range of keyword research tools on the market doing this right becomes child’s play. Personally, I like to use two tools. Both of them are free so there should be no reason to not using them yourself:

1. GAKT: The Google AdWords Keyword Tool (GAKT) is a simple, online keyword research tool to dig into any niche on this planet. Since most of the search engine traffic is harnessed by Google itself it makes sense to use their tool for keyword research.

The good thing about this tool is the fact that it uses intuitive keyword triggers by suggesting related terms when you do a search. I’ve uncovered plenty of hidden niche’s thanks to this tool, and to-date it continues to be one of my favorites.

2. Market Samurai: Market Samurai is another killer keyword tool. This tool cuts the tedious time spent on keyword research into nothing. While the full suite of Market Samurai is not free, the actual keyword research module is. For article marketing purpose it’s all you need to gain more leverage over your niche.

Optimize for Market Domination

The next step in writing killer articles is to incorporate your keywords into the articles you write. This is called keyword optimization. You need to stick by the ezinearticles.com rules and never go above 1.5 percent keyword density. In reality this relates to using your main keyword 1.5 times for every 100 words you write.

If you were to write an article with this in mind, you’d probably end up writing a really bad example. It’s hard to concentrate on the value of information when you stress about keyword density in the back of your mind. Your article would simply fail to flow that way.

My suggestion is to stop stressing about density at all. Simply use the maximum percentage as a guideline of what not to exceed and you will be fine. Instead, focus on the following pointers.

What’s Included

Use a Strong Article Description

Your Article Title Must Rock!

The Article Introduction

The Article Body

The Importance of Sub Headings

How to Get the Click with the Help of the Transition

The Resource Box/Ending

The Tricks of the Pros

Use a Different Pen Name for Each Niche

Try to Reach Platinum/Premium Status ASAP

Pay to Click (PTC) Traffic

Funnel Your Traffic to Your List

Backlink Mania

Spy on Your Competition

Bonus Explosion Tip

In Closing

All the tricks and tips you’ve learned up to this stage can easily be put into a system that works like a Swiss clock. The system is made up of many individual components that work together to deliver optimum results.

The hardest part in implementing any system is the beginning. When you are unfamiliar with certain aspects of online marketing it can quickly become overwhelming. Please don’t give in to frustration if something doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to right from the start.

Failures are meant to be stepping stones to optimize your system. One thing is certain, every single component of this eBook works like a treat if you take the time to optimize it.

In fact, this eBook has been laid out to be a step-by-step plan to dominate any niche with article marketing. All that’s left to do for you is to implement it.

Every niche is different. Different buyers are looking for different solutions. The more you learn to identify with their needs, the better you will fare with article marketing. If you remember one thing about this eBook, remember this: It’s not about you, it’s ALL ABOUT YOUR READERS. Give them more value they can take and run with, and you’ll have loyal subscribers, readers, and buyers for life.

Now go and kick some ass!


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