Cash Jukebox 2.0

Cash Jukebox 2.0

Quick Cash For Xmas

Welcome to Cash Jukebox 2.0 the hugely anticipated follow up to Cash Jukebox 1.0. In the first Cash Jukebox we found out how to set up and ebay account, an amazon account, how to list your items for sale and how to use your own CD’s and DVD’s to create some fast cash.

In Cash Jukebox 2.0 we are going to take your shiny new business to the next level. This will make you a lot of money if you follow the instructions and get on with it!

The Right Attitude

I have been in business in one form or another for over 30 years. I have seen great ideas and bad ideas come and go. Some great ideas went on to make millions and some bad ideas went on to make money too!

The one key element is taking action.
Whether your business idea is good or bad if you don’t do anything about it then it won’t make any money will it?’

So, I took action with this business idea and make a lot of money from it. I have done the hard part for you – come up with a great idea that works. I have proven to you that it works within this guide and even given you my suppliers and lists of rare items so you can snap them up for pennies and sell them for huge profits.

None of this is any good unless you get started and just do it! If you haven’t gone through the first guide yet then do so now before you start this one. If you haven’t got a copy of the first one then email me now at and I will send it to you.

Make this your year and make a success of your life…please!!

Best regards
Keith Dean

Let’s Make Some Money

OK time to get to work.

So, you should be at the stage where you have an eBay account, an amazon account and have listed some of your own items. One reason for listing your own items is to get good feedback. 100% feedback is paramount to ensure that you get the most sales and at the highest prices.

We now need to go through the techniques that I use to maintain my 100% feedback rating over all of my accounts since 2003.

The 12 Special “Money Magnet” Techniques

Money Magnet One – Ebay Alerts
Money Magnet Two – Amazon Advanced Search
Money Magnet Three – Mis Spellings
Money Magnet Four – Listing Search Terms
Money Magnet Five – Protect Your Feedback At All Costs
Money Magnet Six – Sell Your Own Stuff First
Money Magnet Seven – Research Prices And Movers
Money Magnet Eight – Get Paid Fast – Reinvest Your Profits
Money Magnet Nine – Be Businesslike And Professional
Money Magnet Ten – Checks To Do Before Buying Stock
Money Magnet Eleven – Make Lists – Lock In Future Profits
Money Magnet Twelve – Buy In Bulk To Make Big Savings and  Huge Profits

Money Magnet One – Ebay Alerts

This is a way of getting eBay to do some of the work for you when looking for collectable CD’s or DVD’s. As we saw in the last section not every search you perform in Amazon will yield a result in eBay – but as some of these items are highly collectable then they won’t come up very often.

To keep an eye on eBay for when these are listed would take you hours every day searching through the listings so what we do instead is set up an eBay alert:

Search in eBay for your item – in our example as before we look for Essential Mix Vol 1

The search is returned like this:

Read Much More Inside… $19

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Regards, Coyalita

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