How to Write Great SEO Title Tags for Search Engines and People

How to Write Great SEO Title Tags for Search Engines and People

How to Write Great SEO Title Tags for Search Engines and People – Looking for tips on how to write great title tags?

Title tags are an essential component of SEO that most people overlook.

However, getting them right can help you drive more clicks on search engine results pages (SERPs).

What are Title Tags (And Why Do They Matter)?

A title tag (also called page title, meta title, or SEO title) is an HTML element used to specify the title of a webpage and must not be confused with header tags. The title tag is located in the head section of a page and looks like this:

A title tag’s primary purpose is to tell visitors and search engines what to expect from your web page. Here’s what it looks like on the SERPs:

As you can see, title tags are part of SERP results snippets, including the URL and meta description.

Why do title tags matter?

Here are a few reasons to pay attention to your title tags:

Increase clickthrough rates (CTR): Especially if your title tag shows that your content will meet search intent.

Helps you rank for your keyword: Keyword-optimized title tags are an essential on-page SEO element that can boost your SEO. While title tags may not be a direct ranking factor, they help search bots understand the page’s content.

Are Title Tags the Same as H1 Tags?

Many times, WordPress users confuse title tags and H1 tags.

Are they the same thing?

While they may look the same, title tags and H1 tags are two different elements. While title tags are HTML elements displayed on SERPs, an H1 tag is the title of the page and is only seen when a visitor clicks through to your page. Therefore, you must create a different title tag to your H1 tag.

Where Does the Title Tag Appear?

If the H1 tag appears at the top of a page as the title, where does the title tag appear?

The answer to this question provides insight into why title tags are essential to your SEO campaigns.

SERPs: One of the most prominent places title tags appear is on Google’s search results and other browsers’ SERPs. Their purpose here is to convince searchers to click on your post, as this is the first impression users have of what your content has to offer.

Browser tab: Besides the SERPs, your title tag will also appear in the browser tab. Crafted well, users will easily remember it  when they need to visit that page again.

Third-party websites: External websites and social media platforms usually link to a page using the title tag as the anchor text. This is another reason to get yours right.

Now that you know what a title tag is and why it’s an important part of your SEO, let’s get down to the day’s business — writing effective title tags.

How to Optimize Your Title Tags Using AIOSEO

Leaving your title tags to fate is detrimental to your SEO.

Yes, Google does edit and use its own title tags in some instances, but that doesn’t mean they’ll optimize them for you.

That’s your responsibility.

Leaving your title tags to fate (and Google) will disadvantage you in the tough competition that’s on the SERPs. Instead, take time to craft your own optimized title tags. If you use WordPress and the AIOSEO plugin, here’s how you can do that:’

Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of the page to the AIOSEO General Settings section and find the Post Title field.

Step 2: Simply type in your optimized SEO title tag in the field, and that’s it.

You can use the tags to define what to include in your title tag, thereby determining how it will look on SERPs. For example, with all three tags in the title, your brand name (or website name) will appear at the end of the title tag.

Here’s what it will look like if you use all three tags:

If you prefer your title tag to appear on SERPs without the separator and site title, you can simply remove the tags in the Post Title field.



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