12-Social Media Hacks That Work

12-Social Media Hacks That Work GROWTH HACKER GRANNY


Ok – what’s up, dear digital marketer? They call me Growth  Hacker Granny. Want to know how I got my name?

The story goes on like this. I was a housewife initially – you know doing the chores and stuff every day. I lived in Bangalore, India at a middle-class home.

My hubby was already dead before Rahul – my son was born. Rahul Sharma worked as a Marketing Manager at a startup company for years here in Bangalore. (True – he isn’t as brilliant as me, now also, I guess..)

But, one day Rahul got a job at a multi-national company in the US and he flew there. Drat! He never returned to India at all and I didn’t get a phone call from him, either. He didn’t show up to meet me – his beloved mother at all.

Sources like the lady next door told me that he is living happily settled in California with his 2 new-born kids.

Now, when this initially happened – I knew that I got to make money for a living. I am not being paid any kind of pension; I knew. What can I do now, was the question.

One day, when I was browsing the book-shelf casually, I found a book on Digital Marketing. I was briefly exploring and reading the pages and then I was engrossed in the subject of social media, SEO, SEM, ASO, Lead-Gen etc. and it all made sense suddenly.

Even though I haven’t studied marketing in the past or digital marketing, the subject was too good to read. I finished reading the book and new ideas and thoughts came to me.

Then I thought that I should be experimenting some strategies from the book and lo and behold! Who would know that I would start an online e-commerce business and become successful selling millions of products to customers and driving insane sales every hour? Now, they call me growth hacker granny. Now wait, how did my story finish?

Rahul came back to India once he came to know that I was a millionaire, officially by reading the local newspapers or online publication or websites like Google News Portals where they had my photo in the first page, obviously – mind you. Now, I am really happy with all the stuff I do and what’s more? I am willing to share my actionable strategies here in this book.

Forget any growth hacking ebook, course or video you’ve ever seen till now. They all are simply stupid. I am Growth Hacking Granny and I am going to bring in new digital marketing ideas or growth hacks to skyrocket your product through this book series.

This first book of 12 social media growth hacks is not a marketing or a growth hacking book for social media ideas; it’s a step-by-step -hands on guide to getting users, traffic, and revenue to any business – whatsoever.

It will play a crucial part to break down every channel in order, telling you exactly what you need to succeed -practically.


Growth Hacking Granny to the rescue..


Details of the Hack:

This hack will teach you how to insert a custom call-to-action or your own advertisements on any article or video that you find in  the internet. Once done, you can share it on social media networks and bring in traffic with the links you share. Analytics of how your target audience is engaging with your link with in-depth statistics is also shared. Co-embed generates unique links for you to share and schedule to the top social media platforms to help you get tons of traffic to your website through influencer articles.

Usage Phase: Content Marketing
Usage Difficulty: Medium

Tools Used: Coembed.com
Paid/Free: Paid Tool (Current Price: $35 – Onetime)
Free Alternatives: snip.ly, back.ly

Hack it with Granny:

1) Purchase the tool at coembed.com

2) In the dashboard, get a link of any article that you want your CTA to appear in.

3) Paste the link to the article and click on Embed.

4) Create a Call-To-Action Message that you want to appear in the articles you share – by clicking on edit selected CTA.

5) Choose the type of Call-To-Action message to display – be it Bar/Slider/Modal/Take-Over. Granny recommends Take-over  to fill the whole screen and placement is full screen by default.

6) Choose the theme of your choice

7) Fill in the headlines, Description and the CTA url and you’re through. Don’t forget to also write the text for the button text field.

8) Choose the colours of your choice for headlines and background colour etc. (Note: Deluxe Users will be able to edit the CSS code and set-up retargeting pixels for Facebook/Twitter tracking.)

9) Click on Save Call-to-action


10) You will get a co-embed link at the end which you can copy and share on social media platforms

Bonus Tip:

You can also post the co-embed link on lots of Facebook groups related to Marketing Business etc. to drive more traffic.



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Regards, Coyalita

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