Addressing the Needs of Men

Addressing Specific Behavioral Health Needs of Men

Addressing Specific Behavioral Health Needs of Men Much of this TIP is premised on the understanding that stereotypes of masculine behavior shape men’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors (including those related to substance use and abuse).

These socially defined concepts of masculinity push men in our culture to restrict their emotional responsiveness, be more competitive, be more aggressive, and be self-reliant.

Masculine roles may also hinder some men from seeking needed treatment for a variety of health, and particularly behavioral health, concerns, including those related to mental illness and substance abuse.

Concepts of masculinity affect different men to different degrees, but no man is unaffected by them or by the ways in which proper masculine behavior is defined at a societal level.

Not all effects of masculine ideologies are negative, however, and traditional masculine values can be helpful or beneficial.

Also, although there are certain masculine values that are dominant in contemporary American culture and fairly common across cultures, some cultures may define masculinity differently. Masculine values may also differ according to the role a man is filling (e.g., father, brother, friend).

In addition to explaining some of the research on masculinity, the first chapter defines other key concepts, such as gender, sex, and substance use disorders. It also presents some basic information on men’s substance use and abuse in relation to that of women.

Finally, it discusses the current state of behavioral health field in regard to male-specific substance abuse treatment, what the future may hold for male-informed treatment, and how various audiences can use this.

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