100 Sales Per Day Is All You Need To Have Financial Freedom For Life… Even If You Do It Just ONCE…

100 Sales Per Day Is All You Need To Have Financial Freedom For Life… Even If You Do It Just ONCE…

This Is The Playbook For How I
Turned $600 Into A $16M Exit

From: Ryan Daniel Moran
The Lake House, Austin TX

My fellow entrepreneurs,

The following is the playbook for how I turned a $600 investment into $16 million.

I give this playbook away because I invest in entrepreneurs who use it, and I help them have a meaningful exit.

I’ve given this playbook to hundreds of entrepreneurs who used it to build 7-figure businesses.

I am 100% confident that this is the plan that you’ve been looking for.

My name is Ryan Daniel Moran, and I am writing this to you from my lake house in Austin, TX.

It’s my vacation home, and I spent a little over a million dollars building it to my liking.

I paid cash for it.

I bought this house so that I could hold networking events and
workshops here…

If you use what I outline in this playbook, I might invite you here to meet my crew of investors, influencers, or successful success stories.

In these pages, I am going to teach you how I build little businesses that make 100 sales per day. That matters, because you only need 100 sales per day to be financially free for life.

100 sales per day is enough to create financial freedom for life, and it takes about a year to get there. Some people get there faster.

I crafted this strategy after 12 years of beating my head against the wall, trying to become a successful entrepreneur.

I tried my hand at affiliate marketing, drop shipping, search engine optimization, creating content, and on and on…

I was fairly successful at it, too. I made a modest six figures selling other people’s stuff.

The trouble was, I didn’t actually have financial freedom.

In fact, I worked more than ever… had no social life… and I had no way for me to exit my business if I wanted to.

I would either work until I dropped dead… or I could give up the business.

There was no “way out.”

But then, I discovered that if I just had 100 sales per day, then I could build a business that I could sell… and that could set me up for life.

I started a company with just $600… and four years later, I sold it for $16 million.

When I started doing this, I shared what I was doing on my podcast. A lot of people followed the steps and started having success, too.

One of my students, Alex, used it to generate $19.7 million in four years.

Another, Sebastian, used it to create over $30 million in five years.

I also have many, many case studies of people who used this to generate a cool $1 million to $5 million in just a few years.

That’s when I realized that “this is how the big boys and girls play.”

Now I invest in entrepreneurs that follow this system, and I help them have a multi-million-dollar exit.

I can make way more money doing that than I could for consulting.

So… I teach this stuff publicly because I look for a few investments to partner with.

If they get to 100 sales per day, then I will consider investing in  them and helping them have a really big payday when they exit.

If you use this information to build ONE tiny business that does 100 sales per day – that can be enough to have financial freedom forever.

I had to figure this method out on my own. It took me twelve years to perfect this, but I teach it for free to find the best ones to invest in.

In other words, I teach this because I am looking for partners.

If you follow the steps in this book, I might want to invest in your business someday.

But first… allow me to explain why this is important for you:

It is my opinion that many entrepreneurs waste “Level 10” skills on “Level 2” opportunities.

In other words, entrepreneurs waste their time on opportunities that won’t make them very wealthy.

They learn to create content or sell products… or they learn how to market and collect leads…

But they spend that time and skill set selling low end courses or
products, consulting, or “fast cash” methods that lead nowhere.

I know, because I did the same thing.

I learned how to market on Google and Facebook, create content, start a podcast, write persuasive sales copy, and all the things that are supposed to make money.

BUT… I didn’t apply them to a “real business.”

If you asked me at the time, I would have said that I did not want a real business… I wanted freedom!

However, … I soon discovered that this plan gave me more freedom than I ever knew was possible.

So, I will teach the playbook to you throughout these pages.

Once you “get it,” you will never view life or business the same again.

What’s Included

Secret #1: 100 Sales Per Day Is a Million Dollar Business

Secret #2: You Don’t Actually Need 100 Sales Per Day

Secret #3: How To Get Any Product To 25 Sales Per Day In 90 Days Or Less With Free Traffic

Secret #4: How I Turned $600 Into $16 Million… And Helped My Crippled Friend Make A “Cool” $4M

Why I Want To Help You Get To 100 Sales Per Day…

Secret #5: How To Partner With Me To et to 100 Sales Per Day & Have A Multi-Million Dollar Exit

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