Financial Abundance Strategy

Financial Abundance Strategy

Discover Your Wealth Frequency and What Works Best for You

Financial Abundance Strategy – This course is intended to help you achieve financial prosperity by tapping your inner resources that you may not know you have. From the 10 chapters that comprise the course, you will learn that by changing your vibrations and emotional frequencies from the negative to the positive, you are able to stay focused and influence others so that success comes easier and with less effort.

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Financial Abundance Strategy

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Do you believe there are such things as vibrations or wealth frequencies? These days, getting prosperous or generally achieving what you want in life seems to involve not just having adequate resources, determination and skills. Possessing the right brain waves is also important; perhaps even the most important of all.

What is Wealth Frequency?

Studies suggest that meditating lowers brainwaves to a lower frequency which is best for relaxing and focusing. This is known as low alpha. You can also lower your brain waves to achieve Theta frequency which is best for manifesting or lucid dreaming. However, for tuning in to wealth frequency, experts recommend raising your brain waves.

Emotional Frequencies

In his book, Power vs. Force, David measured the frequencies for human emotions from 20 to 1,000. Hawkins suggests that at the lower frequencies, people are solid or heavy while they are light and glowing in upper frequencies where we get the feelings of peace, love, acceptance and other positive feelings that allow us to understand better and see more clearly.

Hawkins proposes that when you are in lower frequencies, for example 20 (shame), 30 (guilt), 75 (grief), 100 fear (100), and 175 (pride), you are more prone to illnesses and problems because these emotions are draining and you are likely to spread more guilt, more fear, etc…, emotions that drag you and others you come into contact with.

When you are in the higher frequency levels, you are able to influence others more positively. To support this concept, the Global Consciousness Project of Princeton detected a negative consciousness just before the attack on the twin towers on September 21, 2001. On the other hand, it detected a positive blip before the inauguration of President Barack Obama, proving that individuals are affected by the frequencies of the whole and the earth is affected by the combined energies of individuals.

Changing Thought Patterns

Raising brain waves does not necessarily raise your frequency but it changes your thought patterns, and you need to do this if you are to successfully diminish the effects of your ego in your decision making and dealing with others.

How then can you find your frequency for wealth? Well, obviously the first step is to adjust your thought patterns to one that allows you to think more objectively and clearly. The second is you try to lift yourself out of the emotional frequencies that hold you back.

Acceptance, peace, love, willingness, courage; all of these emotions are positive and belong to the higher frequencies which enable you influence others more positively.

According to a related study, an individual operating at 300 frequency level is capable of counterbalancing 90,000 individuals operating below 200 levels while an individual operating at 600 (peace) is capable of counterbalancing 10,000,000 individuals operating below 200.

The capacity to influence others is your key to finding your wealth frequency. It does not mean that you will not experience any failures, but since you are clear of mind, focused and in touch with higher level consciousness, wealth is a lot easier to achieve than when you are operating in the energy draining frequency levels.

What is financial abundance?

The life you have always dreamed of can still be achieved through proper mindset and actions. If you want to be free from any financial worries, then achieve a financial abundance. What it is and what it can do to your life is amazing. So, here are the things you should know about financial abundance.

Financial Abundance is being in a situation wherein there is just enough financial support to sustain your life and adding a few extra for comfort.

It is away from financial burdens and worries and there is a sense of having enough abundance where stress and pressure will not get in the way. To attain financial abundance, you can follow these essential factors:

1. Learn To Empower Your Mind
Learn to practice a mindset that is full of abundance. With this, learn that money is only a material thing and should not be the source of contentment. Of course, who does not need money right? This abundant mindset is different in such a way  that it should be practiced balancing your life. Do not allow greed to overcome you. Instead, enjoy your money by saving some up and giving it away to help out. With that, your motive becomes so positive and this will eventually align with your goals. This is what you call getting positive vibes.

2. Get Knowledge
This does not limit to scholarly level. In fact, many rich people are less knowledgeable than the poor ones. This knowledge means adapting what you have learned (from school or personal experience) and get ways to take advantage of it. This knowledge will then translate to your ability, where your ability can give you financial abundance. Living a life that you are passionate about counts to a life of abundance. With this, you can make money out of it eventually.

3. The Art of Generosity
When you want something in your life, help other people reach their dreams as well. There have been many sayings about generosity and one that is true is that we receive back what we give. This does not mean that generosity implies to donating money. Yes, it can be done but all does not count in money alone, right?  So, for you to achieve a comfortable life that is full of abundance, create a positive environment to get what you want. Now this vindicates the old saying, it is better to give than to receive.

4. The Way of Investing
Do not hold on too much of your money. In fact, saving it does not necessarily mean you are creating an abundant life. Yes, saving to cover emergencies and unexpected expenses is important but it should not be a way to ease your financial burden. What you need to do is to invest. Invest in something that will give you significant profit in a specific length of time. With that, there is a strong chance where you can earn more income aside from your work.

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