5 Steps To A Big-Profit

5 Steps To A Big-Profit

Special Report –

I must warn you up front – if you continue reading this report, then you may not get much sleep tonight.

I know, I know, everyone seems to have some kind of “earth-shattering” revelation to share that’s gonna “change things forever”.
Earth-shattering revelations aren’t what they used to be, huh?

To be truthful, most so-called “helpful” information should come with an advisory warning label affixed to let you know you’re bout to get 3 pages of fluff (fluff being useless, rehashed
information) and about 10 pages of sales copy.

Know what I mean?

So, what makes this report different? What makes my claim credible?

In a word –


You may or may not know me, but I’ve been giving away free content online for a LONG time. (Since 1999) I’ve given away more useful content than most so-called “marketers” have been peddling in their paid products.

Ask around. Search Google.com. Or, just read this report and find out for yourself. ☺

Yes, I will ask you to consider purchasing my Small Reports Fortune™ course at the close of this report.

Yes, I will GIVE you some solid nuggets of information that you can use without forcing you to buy anything.

If you find that offensive, then there’s a little [X] in the upper right-hand corner of your screen that you can click on to close this document.

But, if you want to learn something that really is going to be beneficial to helping you make money online with tiny 7–15-page small reports, let’s get started…

The Concept Of S.M.A.L.L.™ Reports

Before I share the 5 steps in this incredibly profitable business model, let me first explain the concept.

Here’s the idea –

Write a small report (approximately 7-15 pages) to sell online
and, over time, grow that singular small report into a huge information empire consisting of reports, full-length products,
membership sites, high-ticket premium products, e-coaching and more.

Everything hinges around being able to write small, 7–15-page reports.

Throughout EVERY stage of this business, you will NEVER be required to write anything more than 7-15 pages.

Stop now and re-read that. That statement is going to keep you up half the night as you consider how realistic and reasonable it is for you to accomplish in light of everything, I’m going to share with you from this point on.

⇒ As you grow your business into full-length products, you’ll never write anything more than 7-15 pages!

⇒ As you grow your business into a membership site, you’ll never write anything more than 7-15 pages!

⇒ As you grow your business into high-ticket products, you’ll never write anything more than 7-15 pages!

⇒ As you grow your business into premium-priced e-coaching, you’ll never write anything more than 7-15 pages!

It starts with a 7–15-page small report and — despite the numerous streams of higher-priced income you’ll develop in this model — you’ll never have to write anything more than 7-15 pages. Remarkable, huh?

Now, it is with that foundation that I want to quickly share my system with you – “5 Steps To A Big-Profit, S.M.A.L.L.™ Report Business”

I use the acronym “S.M.A.L.L.” to illustrate the five steps. Each letter of the word SMALL (S –M – A – L – L ) represents one of the five steps…

S – SELECT a market.
M – MEASURE interest.
A – AUTHOR a report.
L – LOOK to repeat.
L – LEVERAGE your assets.

We’re going to briefly look at each of these steps so you can get a good overview of how to build a successful “small report” business.

I’m ready if you are.

5 Steps To A Big-Profit,
S.M.A.L.L.™ Report Business

Let’s begin with the “S” of the S.M.A.L.L.™ Report Business Model which is…

Step 1 – SELECT A Market.

Instead of identifying niches, identify target markets.

Step 2 – MEASURE Interest.

“What do they want?”

“What is available?”

“What can I offer that’s different?”

STEP 02: Search Amazon’s® Database.

STEP 03: Brainstorm Ideas From The Listings.

Step 3 – AUTHOR A Report.

Step 4 – LOOK To Repeat.

Step 5 – LEVERAGE Your Assets.

I’ll just tell you this: in 7 days from right now you can be making money with this system.

That’s it. That’s my “call to action”. Check it out, don’t check it out, it’s up to you.

Click on the Button Below for Instant Access!

Regards, Coyalita 

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