Backlink Generator 1.0

Backlink Generator 1.0


Backlink Generator 1.0 – Backlink Generator has a very direct function and that is to help get your site more popular and increase backlink by submitting your site to stats sites.

You are recommended to use backlink generator on a site of at least 1 month. This is because a sudden increase in backlinks could get you ranking penalty in google.

Backlink generator is just a tool

1) Information About the software
2) Register the software for updates
3) Add Submission Url
4) Delete the submission url that you have added
5) Submit button
6) Delays between submissions
7) Field to enter your domain name
8) List of Urls that has been submitted to
9) Number of procesed url
10) Number of succeeded url
11) Indication of to whether you have registered or not

Getting Started

Backlink Generator software has been preloaded with 700+urls for you to get started. Of course, add more if you find more statistical sites. The software uses internet connection, so be sure that you are connected to the internet.

The first thing you would like to do is definitely have a website with on-page SEO already applied. Here’s a simple checklist to help you with your on-page SEO:

– Keyword(s) on Title tag

– Metadata (description and keywords)

– H1, H2, H3 tags

– Keyword density (this is not really important nowadays but just make sure you have at least the keywords on your body tag)

– Bold some keywords

– Alt text for image

– Links to other domains that is related to your site/niche (yes, it helps)

– Domain name

– Permalinks (WordPress especially)

If you haven’t taken note of or miss any of the above, you should start applying now.

Once you are satisfied with your on-page SEO, it is time to build some backlinks. However, do take note that this software does not have anchor text backlink, but it is still good for SEO purpose and human traffic.


1) Enter your domain name (eg.,,, etc) However, do not put a slash ‘/’ at the end or http:// or www. at the front.

2) Select the ‘Submit Delay’ (in seconds), 5 seconds is recommended

3) Click on ‘Submit’

4) You will see a ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ button for you to pause or stop whenever you want

5) Other than that, you will be able to see the submitted urls

What’s Included…


Add Submission URL

Delete Submitted URL

And Much More

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