Attracting Affiliates

Attracting Affiliates

Attracting Affiliates – An affiliate program can be a great way to boost your online sales without having to spend large amounts up front.

Almost any kind of business can benefit from having an affiliate program, but there are many things to learn and consider before taking the plunge and starting up your own.

In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know, so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

• What an affiliate program is, and why you should have one

• The various methods affiliates can use to promote your offers

• The potential problems affiliate programs can cause, that you need to be aware of

• What the difference is between a hosted and self-hosted affiliate program (and where affiliate networks fit in)

• The most popular services and solutions in both hosted and self-hosted categories

• Some of the decisions you’ll have to make before starting your affiliate program, and how those decisions affect how attractive your program is to affiliates

• How to make your program “affiliate friendly”

• The importance of making your program easy to get started with

• Some of the best methods available to recruit affiliates to your program

• …and much more?

Before we move forward, however, let’s start with the basics.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program (sometimes called a referral program) is simply an arrangement where you pay marketers (affiliates) commission on actions taken (usually a purchase or a free registration) by visitors they have referred to you.

Usually, an affiliate is given a special link (a tracking link) they can use to promote your offer. When a user clicks on that link he/she is redirected to your website while the affiliate program so silently records in the background that this particular user is referred by this particular affiliate.

Should the user end up buying something from you, a commission will be paid out to the affiliate according to your payment terms. How much you pay affiliates, and on what terms, is completely up to you.

Overview of Affiliate Programs

Why have an affiliate program?

The biggest advantage of having an affiliate program is that you can increase your reach (sell more stuff!) without having to pay for salespeople or advertising up front. Setting up and running the affiliate program has a cost, yes, but you’re only paying affiliates for actual sales delivered.

A successful affiliate program enables you to cover virtually all channels of online marketing. If your in-house PPC advertising efforts are mostly geared towards AdWords, for example, you’ll be happy to find that your affiliates will advertise for you on Bing, Yahoo and everywhere else they can turn a profit.

You can cut down on your own advertising efforts and let affiliates do most of the heavy lifting.

Another benefit of having affiliates advertise for you is that even if they’re not making any sales, your brand is still selling exposure, and it doesn’t cost you anything at all.

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How will affiliates promote your offers?

The 80/20 rule applies

Are there any downsides to having an affiliate program?

Misrepresenting your company

Competing for rankings

Forced clicks / “Cookie stuffing”


Hosted vs Self-Hosted

Examples of hosted affiliate programs

Examples of self-hosted affiliate programs

Post Affiliate Pro

And Much, Much More…

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