How to Create an Audio eBook

How to Create an Audio eBook

Getting to Know Your Options

How to Create an Audio eBook – Audio books gained popularity with the increase in the pace of technological advancements. The changing trend has enabled listeners to think beyond the stereos in their cars and homes to access and use audio books.

Today, it is possible to download audio books onto iPods, MP3 Players, cell phones, tablets, iPhones and other PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices.

Audio books provide a convenient way for enthusiastic readers to carry on with their daily chores and multitask, such as exercising while listening to educational or recreational books.

Traditionally, audio books were designed for visually impaired individuals. However, today they are more of a learning tool and means of entertainment for children, teens and adults. There is something for everybody.

The most popular categories include arts and entertainment, memoirs and bios, classics, business, thrillers and mysteries, comedy, fiction, drama, poetry, kids, health and fitness, etc.

The growing market of audio books has encouraged many authors to create audio versions of their text or eBooks. While it needs both time and effort to produce an audio book, the experience of transforming your book into another medium is extremely fun and entertaining.

You can tap into a great resource for authors wanting to have their books recorded by professional voice artists, by using a company  that will charge you no fees to record your book for you up front, then split the profits of the sales 50/50.

Alternatively, you can pay upfront and keep all the profits yourself. Also, you can record your own book, thereby avoiding any recording artist being required. We cover this option later in this book.

Current popular destinations for your audio book include Amazon, Audible and iTunes. We cover all these publishing marketplaces later in this book too.

If you are ready to learn some easy and quick tips on creating an audio book, you are in the right place. This book is a detailed guide on how you can create your own audio book without any hassle or spending money.

So read on to get to your options!

Benefits of Creating Audio Books

Originally introduced for the purpose of teaching visually impaired or disabled students, non-readers and struggling readers, audio books hold a number of great benefits for all types of readers and non-readers. The following are the top benefits that encourage authors to create audio books. Have a look:

A Lucrative Industry

The audio book industry is worth around a billion dollars. It was estimated during December 2004, by the Audio Publishers Association, that the market size of the audio book industry was nearly 800 million dollars.

Soon after, there was exponential growth in the sales of audio books due to the availability of downloadable audio books from famous websites such as, iTunes and In fact, it is predicted that with the next release of
APA, it will break the records with over $1 billion in revenue.

Create your audio book to earn a bit of this action.

Book Mavens Prefer Listening To Audio Books

An information connoisseur is known as a maven. People surrounded by unsolvable questions often consult the maven present in their lives. For instance, for gaining information related to buying a new car, the first person you will take advice from will be a car maven. In short, mavens can also be called gurus.

As far as a book maven is concerned, he or she reads more than fifty books per year, has information about thousands of books on their fingertips and have already piled up books to read on their bookshelf.

Book mavens prefer audio books because it gives them a chance to go through many more books than they are able to read. They can listen to books while working out, driving and even while cooking. If you own audio books, you can make good money selling those audio versions by sharing book mavens’ recommendations that prefer listening to audio books.

Save Yourself from the ‘Effects of Oprah’

The ‘Effect of Oprah’ appears when a popular person recommends your book, and you suddenly experience a flock of people simply dying to hold a copy of your book. But the current stock of five-thousand books available is cleared off the shelves within a few hours and you have to order more prints to entertain the demand for your book.

However, by the time your book is back on the stores’ shelves, people have forgotten about it. This results in loss of opportunity as you didn’t have enough stock to meet the people’s demand the first time. Both eBooks and audio books protect you from this effect and save you from incurring opportunity loss.

If your book is recommended by a famous name, you will never ever face shortage of your downloadable audio books. You are safe and covered.

Boost eBook and Paper Book Sales

If you have successfully launched an audio book that is well-liked by people, they may like to own a paper copy and/or eBook to highlight their favorite parts or to flaunt their collection on their bookshelves. So, in addition to audio book mavens recommending the book to their acquaintances, you can also experience people buying other mediums of your book after listening to the audio book.

Thus, it is believed that audio books are an efficient way to boost eBook and paper book sales. This point is explained in detail later in the book.

Non-Readers Get a Chance to Go Through Your Book

For an author, nothing could be more important than knowing that even non-readers’ are reading (or listening to, in this case) your books. Apart from the huge number of reading enthusiasts, there are many people in the world who completely dislike reading and some who do not get a chance from their busy schedules to open a book. However, the same people might love listening to a book.

The reasons why non-readers avoid reading could be lack of time or simply because they face trouble in reading. Nonreaders also include people who are blind or struggling with dyslexia.

With the introduction of audio books, there are increased chances of your potential readers’ pie to get bigger. This is exactly what you, as an author, and your publishing company, expect and hope for.

Increased Public Exposure

By introducing an audio book, it will be easier for people to find you. Audible features more than 100,000 books. And as far as Amazon is concerned, there are millions of books to be found on their website. By releasing an audio version of your book, you can become visible to a crowd of millions and stand out in the eyes of readers and listeners.

There are readers who search for particular books just to be able to get an audio book version of the same. Without audio books, you may disappoint, and lose a lot of potential customers. There are still topics that are not covered by audio books. You can be the first author to launch an audio book for that topic and make the most out of this opportunity.

The world of audio books is full of book mavens who can make you and your books (all versions) famous in no time.



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