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YouTube Insights For Audience – On September 30, 2009, YouTube launched a new video analytics tool called YouTube Insights for Audience, which describes the audience on YouTube based on their demographics. (Image courtesy of YouTube.)

Prior to the launching of this new tool, YouTube provided insights (beginning in March 26, 2008) only to people with YouTube accounts and the videos they upload to YouTube.

YouTube addresses the new tool specifically to advertisers and marketers saying: “Almost 400 million people watch over a billion videos on YouTube every day. This gives us a great insight into the viewing habits of the world. With Insights for Audience, we’d like to share some of this information with you.


“Using Insights for Audience can help you better understand how your customers interact with YouTube, and might even lead to new discoveries about the overall mindset of your audience.”

So, what can the tool be used for?

For one, media and advertising agencies can use the new tool to discover the type(s) of videos users search for based on their country, age, gender and interests. Additionally, the analytics will help agencies to develop better (YouTube) campaign videos that take the interest and viewing behavior of the target group into account.

Using Insights for Audience

Go to

If you want to gather information about the behavior of users of a particular gender, click on the tick box corresponding to the Gender you’re interested in.

If you don’t specify any gender, Insights for Audience will show you the viewership share of each gender based on the other details of your query.

Under Age Range, adjust the sliders to the age bracket you’re interested in. By default, the age range is set to 13 to 65+ years old.

Select the territory/country you’re interested in (you are allowed to select multiple countries/territories).

Next, select the interest category that you want the tool to analyze. You’re allowed to choose several. Categories and sub-categories with a right-pointing black triangle indicate that they can be drilled down to smaller sub-categories.

Simply click on them to expand the list.

To select an interest, click on the Add link that corresponds to the interest you want to select.


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