Automation In Your Internet Business

Approaching Automation in
Your Internet Business

How to Grow Your Business into a Hands Free, Convertible Vehicle for True Financial Freedom!

Hello and welcome to the ‘Approaching Automation in Your Internet Business’ presentation. I’ll be showing you how to grow your business in a hands free, convertible vehicle for true financial freedom.

The majority of Internet marketers often make the mistake of including themselves in the system rather than working on the system when building and growing their business.

I’m going to show you how to undo this mistake if you can really relate to this and you realized that you’ve built a trap for yourself that instead of building a business, you actually build yourself a high paying job that you cannot remove yourself in the process.

Here are the goals that I hope to accomplish with you throughout this course.

Firstly, I’m going to help you minimize reading and answering emails that would waste your time or queries that come from people whom you know very well will not convert into customers.

So, I’m going to show you how to minimize all those and spend only strictly your time on emails that matter. It could be emails from your partners or people who are very interested in buying your product. These are the types of people you want to be spending your time on rather than focusing on emails that are going to waste your time.

I’m also going to show you how to do as little work on your part and yet allow your income to steadily be coming in or growing when you’re away. In the process, you’re also going to learn how to free yourself from activities that are counter-productive or don’t make money and yet are essential to do.

So, things like customers’ support and checking out emails, these things don’t make money. In fact, I can remember a famous Internet marketer quoting that “there is no money to be made in customer service”. So, you want to free yourself from doing all these things.

However, you cannot totally forget about doing them because giving customer service is still essential especially when your customers have downloading problems or whatsoever and you want to reduce refund rates.

I’m also going to show you how to free yourself from all these activities and focus on where the bottom line is.

Most importantly, I’m going to show you how to remove yourself from the system and let the system be automated so that you can start enjoying the true meaning of freedom.

For starters, how do you deal with emails? Now as you grow successful and start getting exposure online especially if you’re in the niche and the more popular the niche is, like Internet marketing and self-improvement where you have a lot of people talking and making communications, you’ll slowly realize that you’re getting quite a number of emails that are counter-productive and they don’t necessarily require your attention.

So, if you start sending out emails through your mailing list and you start getting questions coming back to you from people who are unhappy with their lives or telling you their problems, but you know very well that they can’t convert into customers so these are the kind of emails that you want to prevent from getting or even replying to them in the first place.

So, for starters, you’re going to centralize all of your emails into one place where you can just read everything from one account rather than log in to multiple web mail accounts.

I use Gmail to centralize all of my emails to one place and you can do that. Signing up for an account in Google is free just by going to or alternatively, you can use POP3 email accounts where you can do the same thing from your computer.

And as for email addresses that you know you’re not going to check like no-reply addresses and default email accounts that comes from every web hosting accounts you get, what you can do is that you can login to the cPanel (control panel of your web
hosting accounts).

Go to the webmail options and configure to forward all of these emails’ addresses to the black hole so that you don’t have to login to clear the email addresses or see if there are missing emails anymore.

Go to the cPanel and enter: Black hole: in the forwarding address and any emails being sent to these addresses that you know very well you’re not going to read will now go to a black hole.

So, you don’t have to waste time checking them out anymore or clear your email accounts just to free up some web space. So, this part is already automated.

The next thing to do is to automatically forward customer queries to your help desk. So, if people start replying to your support email addresses, you’re going to put an autoresponder message or make it known to them through your websites that you do not answer emails through that particular email address and they are required to go to the help desk to get professional assistance.

At your help desk, you’re going to have frequently asked questions database so you start writing out questions that your customers or potential customers may already have without taking up on spending your time on the process.

So, you start putting in popular questions and answer them right away through your knowledge base and even for those who still use your help desk, you do not want to ideally use the help desk to answer queries anymore because you want to free up yourself from all these tedious processes. Therefore, I recommend you to hire virtual assistants or VA’s in short.

Do not deal with emails that waste your time. Questions like people telling you “I’m broke. Please help me” or “I can’t afford it. Can you please sell it to me on a discount”, things like that. You’d want to definitely avoid answering these kind of emails.

I’ll be talking to you more about virtual assistants shortly. If you do not want to use a help desk, I advise creating a support email address. Your address is going to go something like:

So, you can totally outsource this to your virtual assistants when you’re finally going to free yourself from doing all of this.

What’s Included

If you’re in the information business, then you’ll find out that creating content is an on-going job as well.

Now with all those being covered; I’m going to discuss what you should never ever outsource.

This is the end of the ‘Approaching Automation In Your Internet Business’ course.


Automation In Your Internet Business





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