10 Minute Sales Audit

A 91 Point Checklist to Score Your Sales Team

Instructions – Go through each question on the Repstack 91-point checklist and put a tick in the box for the corresponding answer.

There are 7 sections on the Audit: Hiring, Training, Data, Process, Culture, CRM &

Make sure you answer as truthfully as you can. Once you have finished check the scoring section at the end to evaluate your audit score.

The process should only take you 10 minutes and give you a pretty good insight into where you should be focusing your energies to improve your sales team.

# Question Yes Mostly Not Really Unsure

1 Do you have a documented hiring process?  

2 Do you have a clearly defined set of Sales Competencies defined that you are looking for in your hiring process?  

3 Do you incorporate different interview approaches into your hiring process? E.g. Competency Based Questions, Situational Questions, Fact Finding, Role Play etc. 

4 Does your hiring process include employees outside of the Sales Team?

5 Does your interview process involve multiple rounds but avoids overlaps in questions from previous rounds?

6 Do your hiring questions roll up to your company Mission and Values?

7 Does your hiring process allow for unbiased feedback from all interviewers without succumbing to ‘groupthink’?

8 Do you accept feedback from a variety of seniority levels within the hiring process?

9 Does the sales team actively try to hire internally before hiring externally?

10 Do you keep a documented record of your hiring feedback?

11 Do you check the hiring notes of successful hires in order to refine your hiring process?

12 Does your interview process accommodate different styles of interviewing and are you interviewers aware of their style?

13 Do you try and sell them on the company vision and goals?

14 Do you balance note taking with engaging in the conversation?

15 Does your interview process shorter than 3 weeks from start-to-finish?

16 Do all applicants get a good follow up response from an interviewee?

17 Does one person have ultimate accountability for the efficiency of the hiring pipeline?

18 Are you using an HR SaaS software?

19 Do you feel you are getting value for money from your hiring channels?

20 Are you thinking about diversity in your hiring process, and do you have any guidelines in place to ensure diverse viewpoints are embedded in the hiring process?

21 You have a process for maximizing info from your references?


# Question Yes Mostly Not Really Unsure

1 Do you have a formal training agenda for a new hires first two weeks on the job?

2 Do you have a set timeframe for when a new hire should be at 100% capacity?

3 Do you have a clearly defined sales process guide for the most important calls in your sales process?

4 Do you have a rapport building strategy, or training programmer?

5 Are sales reps leading the conversation and aware of the stages of a sales call that they need to pass through?

6 Do sales reps understand how the set the context of the call so that they buy time to conduct their elevator pitch?

7 Do sales reps understand how to build social proof on a call?

8 Can your Sales Reps recite a perfect 30 second elevator pitch about your company / product on demand?

9 Do all of your sales reps know the key qualification questions they should be asking?

10 Are you tracking qualification question responses within your CRM?

11 Do you maintain a black-book of all customer objections and how they should be answered?

12 Do your Sales Reps have automatic responses to all of those objections?

13 Do you maintain a matrix of your competitors and how their products compare to yours?
14 Does the Sales Team have a ‘continuous training programme’ to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of sales interactions?

15 Do Sales Managers and Sales Reps go through call recordings of live calls together at least once per month?

16 Is there a clear competency framework for each level of seniority, based on company values and team competencies?

17 Do new joiners have a buddy?

18 Do you have a clear set of house rules for new joiners?


# Question Yes Mostly Not Really Unsure

1 Is there alignment from CEO to Intern on what the most relevant KPIs are?

2 Does the whole business have easy access to the key KPIs?

3 Are Sales Reps KPis able to self serve their KPIs?

4 Do your KPIs take into account the full 360 of the sales cycle? e.g. Input (outbound calls, call times), Effectiveness (conversion, sales cycle length), Output (Deals closed)

5 Do your KPIs allow Sales Reps to compare their own historic performance on a week over week, month over month & quarter over quarter basis?

6 If you were to ask your sales reps, would they be able to tell if the team is ahead or behind on their quarterly target?

7 Do Sales Managers regularly monitor sales activities e.g. Dials, Call Time, Opportunities Created etc.?

8 Is Data produced on both a Cohort and Nominal basis to provide a range of conversion statistics?

9 Do you have end of month / quarter forecasting based on current deal values in the sales funnel?

10 Are Closed Lost deals bucketed into the reasons for the deal being lost? e.g. Lost to competitor, No Budget, Bad Timing

11 Do sales managers review their KPIs with reps regularly?



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