Amazon Payday Secrets

Amazon Payday Secrets

How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, and the best thing about them is that they are sharing their profits! You can make money while they are making money.


How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Successful Factors to Make Money on Amazon’s Affiliate
Marketing Program

1. Sign Up and Play by the Rules

2. Choose A Niche Where Profit Is Present

3. Choose A Product Review Site or Blog Review Site

4. Choose The Right Product to Promote

5. Put The Amazon Links on the Right Place

The Amazon Associate Program provides compensation to their affiliate members who are referring customers to purchase in They are offering a profitable opportunity for everyone to earn a huge amount of money. is a world trusted brand. To prove, Nielson Research reported that Amazon is the most trusted brand worldwide and number 1 most popular shopping destination online.

Amazon has millions of loyal customers all over the world and they spend more money in this online shopping marketplace than any other retailing site.

By being an affiliate member of, you will get a commission on the products you refer to the people.

The good thing is that a huge number of Amazon’s online customers normally purchase more than 1 product per session. For this reason, as an affiliate member, you will not only earn a commission on the product that you are promoting for people to buy, but your commission will be based on all the products that They bought it once they are on Amazon.

The commission on Amazon begins at 4% and can increase up to 15%. If you just sell 4 products per month, your commission will increase to 6%. The compensation goes like this, the more products you sell per month, then the higher your commission will be. Imagine if you have a lot of customers and they are purchasing more than 1 product at Amazon, the commission you can obtain when payday comes will certainly be a big amount of money.

Here are the commission details

Compensation option 1 – Performance Fee Structure

When you become a member of this program, you will be automatically enrolled in the Performance Fee Structure. This commission structure enables you to get higher fees once you generate an adequate number of referrals that will result in sales on per month. The greater your referrals, the higher your earnings will be.

With this commission structure, your advertising rate ranges from 4 percent up to 15 percent and will be based on the total amount of successfully shipped items coming from Amazon and 3rd party sellers.

For more details, refer to the chart below.

Compensation option 2 – Classic Free Structure

This commission structure is the fixed referral rate plan. With Classic Free Structure, you will get 4 percent advertising fee on the products offered by 3rd parties or

So, if you want to start making money using Amazon Affiliate Program, here are the things you should do. This will help you to make more money on

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