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“They Laughed At Me When I Told Them I Make $3,300 Each Month From The Crappiest Advertising On The Internet”

Sunday, September 11, 2022

t’s true! Each month Steve consistently puts $3,300 or more in his pocket by simply using what other marketers have declared to be the most awful forms of advertising that you can possibly imagine:

  • FFA Sites

  • Safelists

  • Message Boards

  • Traffic Exchanges

Do these advertising methods sound familiar?

I’m sure YOU’VE used all of them… but never even made a single dime for your efforts…

The sad part is you probably don’t have ONE CLUE WHY.

Well, I’m going to tell you why… It’s because you haven’t discovered the profitable secrets to making these advertising methods work like I have… the secret that I’ve kept to myself for over 5 years.

Until now…

Discover The Power Of Crap Advertising!

I’ve put together a profitable blueprint (no fluff) on EXACTLY how to use these 4 pieces of advertising “crap”.

Everything you need to know to start earning a steady monthly income just like I have, has all been laid out for you – step by simple step.

After you have my system in place, it only takes a few hours each week to maintain.

My methods are quick, easy and painless!

Inside my guide you’ll discover…

  • How To Turn Worthless FFA Pages Into Consistent Sales…

  • How To Find The Top Safelists Where Prospects Actually Read Their Emails…

  • How To Have YOUR Ad Stand Out In Crowded Message Boards And Know Just When To Post…

  • How To Build A Massive Opt In List With Traffic Exchanges For Close To Nothing…

Start Building A Full Time Income Now…

Look…I have dedicated 5 years of my marketing life to conquering these beasts. I’ve done the hard work. All YOU have to do is follow the steps.

I’ve laid this book out in easy to follow and simple English. I have even included screen shots inside the guide so there is absolutely no confusion.

You’re probably thinking that 5 years of my life and a potential $3,300 a month income is going to cost you through the nose but…

You can download your copy of this one of a kind guide today for a measly one time investment of only $17

Includes Master Resale Rights + This Sales Page and Graphics

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