How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: I’ve got the Book(s), Now What?

How to Start a Niche Business on the Internet: I’ve got the Book(s), Now What? – Now, you’ve got some work on your hands! You have to convert this hardcopy book into an e-book.

There are only two ways of doing this, and neither of them is especially fun.

1. Recreate the book in a text document by typing the whole thing in yourself. Do you have that kind of time?

2. Have the book scanned into a text document using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, then go through the document to correct any scanning errors.

This is obviously the most time-consuming stage of the process.

Here’s what I recommend: Copy the material over yourself if the book isn’t too long – say, 100 pages or so.

Otherwise, go with method #2. If you don’t have the necessary software and hardware set up for this, you can hire the job out. Check your local business listings first and try to hire someone locally. If you can’t find the service in your area, you can locate some options online.

Costs for this service vary, along with speed. Your best bet is to shop around before you request your books from the library. You want to get them scanned and returned to you before they’re due back!

Also, if you’re concerned about the look and feel of your final product, make sure you have the scanning company scan into a Microsoft Word document or other text-only document instead of a PDF.

This way you’ll be able to edit everything to your heart’s content before you convert it to the final format. Don’t forget you can always hire someone to do this for you as well.

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