The Magic of Upselling

How to Make Insane Profits Online

The Magic of Upselling

You can use Resell Rights products to effectively upsell to your customers and increase your profits dramatically. (“buynow2 – walterjames777 – Google Search”)

Did you ever order a meal from McDonalds?

I am sure you have noticed that they always ask if you want something extra with your order.

“Would you like fries with that?”

“Would you like some dessert with that?”

Do you ever think of how much extra money this tactic produces for the store?

Let me tell you – lots!

So, what does this got to do with the resell rights business?

Well, you can do just the same…

Let us say that you sell a $47 valued eBook package. When your customer clicks through to your order page you can ask them for an upsell.

You may give them the option of purchasing an extra product for a special discount.

You could for example offer them a $47 valued eBook for only $17.

That is a saving for your customer of $30 but also an increase in profits for you – at no extra cost!

This marketing tactic is a real winner and owning the rights to a whole list of products gives you the ability to unleash this strategy for mind blowing profits.


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