CPA EXPLOSION – Making Money from CPA The way that you make money from CPA offers is straightforward.

You create a webpage and post CPA offers to it. If you send masses of visitors to the site, some of them will see your offers and take action by doing whatever task the ads that they see require of them.

You get paid.

Of course, nothing in real life is ever going to be quite that straightforward, so let us look at each stage of the process in turn. That way, you will know exactly what you really need to do in practice to make this theory become reality.

Setting Up

The first thing that you need to do is open free accounts with the leading CPA sites. Go back to page 29, start at the top of the list and work your way down, signing up with each.

Most of these sites want to work with webpages that will earn them regular advertising revenues. In other words, they want their CPA offers to appear on websites that enjoy decent levels of traffic.

If you already have a website that attracts lots of visitors every month, then this is not going to represent a problem for you. However, if your site is new, there is still no need to panic.

Get in contact with the program managers, either by e-mail or even better by telephone (this shows keenness), and tell them how you are going to generate traffic, and how this will make money for them.

As long as you have a logical, well-thought-out traffic generation plan in place and can explain it to them, you will probably discover that they are willing to listen and work with you. By making this effort, you have demonstrated that you are not merely ‘hoping’ that things will work out, and this is normally enough to convince most program managers to give you a chance.

The next thing that you need to do is ensure that you understand the rules of the particular CPA site and the specific offers that you plan to promote. Each will have their own rules governing what you can and cannot do when placing their ads on your pages, and you must comply with these rules, otherwise you could find your account closed and your earnings confiscated.

For example, some sites and individual advertisers may only pay out for ad views from residents of certain countries. There may be a rule saying that you cannot ‘draw’ clicks by ‘incentivizing’ your on-page offer (you’ll see a specific example of this later), or an offer that you are promoting may have an expiry date attached.

Make sure that you know the rules and follow them without exception.

Method 1: Here & Now
Imagine that your country’s #1 mobile phone service provider went out of business. Do you think that there might be a massive burst of searches on that organization’s name, plus those of all their major rivals?

Almost certainly it is activity that would only last for 48-72 hours, but it is still a tremendous opportunity for you to make some good money from CPA. Create a simple page and throw up half a dozen CPA ads from those major service provider rivals, and then use a PPC advertising program like AdWords to drive traffic to your page.

The chances are that if you can get in quickly enough, you will have little or no immediate competition. Your PPC ads are not going to be too expensive either, with one proviso. Be aware that the AdWords ads you create are pointing at an ad-laden page with very little valuable content, so the Google ‘quality score’ could push your cost-per-click up.

If this appear to be the case, then there is one sneaky little trick that you can try if you feel comfortable doing so.

Point the AdWords ads at the index page of a domain that you have never used before or even one attached to a brand-new domain. Fill that page with content and set up your campaign.

Once you have your ads priced by Google, overwrite that page with a redirect script that takes viewers to your offer via the redirect.

Sure, this is not going to work for very long, but this is a short-term campaign tactic anyway, so it may well work long enough for it to be profitable!

Alternatively (or in addition) try using an AdWords alternative program like GoClick , where minimum bids start at only $0.01 and there is no question of a ‘quality score’ being applied. You will not get nearly so much traffic, but what you do get is going to represent great ROI!

In either situation, you should be able to use appropriate CPA offers to bring in a few thousand dollars in a very short period of time indeed.

Obviously, for this to work you have to be very quick off the mark. Keeping a constant watch on what is happening in the world to look for such opportunities are therefore of critical importance.

Set up an instant alerts feed from a site like Yahoo (you will need to sign in for this link to work), or from the major news networks in your own country, so that you do not miss any important events.

If you do, then you are potentially missing out on a short-term but extremely lucrative seam of pure gold.

Method 2: Focus on Your Bottom Line

If you already have a site involved in certain types of online business, then you are in a position where the highest paying CPA offers are appropriate to your site. For example, your existing site may already be concerned with specialist shopping, online gaming, male or female oriented topics, web hosting and/or domains, jewelry or family pets, and these are all businesses where CPA offers tend to fit in perfectly.

If, however, you are not involved in any of these businesses, now is the time to start, but make it as easy as you can.

The first rule is, stick to one business only. Let us therefore say that you want to make money from online gambling advertising.

Register a new domain with a name that is appropriate to the CPA ads that you are going to feature. So, in this case, it might be 

Sign up for a hosting account that offers a cpanel facility.

Use FantastiCon Deluxe from the cpanel to install a WordPress blog as your index page. Download and install a free gambling related theme on your site from here.

Then you simply need to find half a dozen appropriate gambling related articles from sites like Ezinearticles or GoArticles,  download them (with the original authors’ details still intact) and post them to your new blog page.

Now find the offers that you want to feature on the page and add the required advertising materials.

The next step is to drive visitors to your site.

If you already have a mailing list that you think you can send details to about your new pages without upsetting or offending them (or being accused of spamming) then do it. If not, the simple way of generating traffic would be to use PPC advertising like AdWords.

Before doing so, however, consider how much each ad click will cost you and what you are going to advertise. For online gambling, for example, clicks are going to be expensive and unless the offer page that you send visitors to really stands out, this is money that you are unlikely to see any significant returns from.

So, can that money be spent in any better way or can you make the offer attractive enough to generate enough sign-ups to put you into profit?

If, for example, you offer an incentive to everyone who signs up, then you only pay them when they complete an action for which you will get paid, even though you paid for an ad. You are spending to draw traffic, but you are also seeing returns from the CPA ads.

The bottom line is that as long as you are making more than you are spending in total, you are always going to be ahead.

Or how about creating a completely free online gambling club site where completing the CPA sign-up form is part of the joining procedure?

As long as you make the membership benefits attractive enough, there is absolutely no reason why people will not complete the whole joining/sign-up process without batting an eyelid.

Basically, it does not matter how much money you spend on pulling people in to your site or on creating an offer that is powerful enough to get them to sign-up for the CPA offer as long as you are making more.

You’ve just got to be creative.

Method 3: Give & Take

Create a page with a selection of high-ticket CPA offers featured.

Offer anyone that comes to your page an attractive and appropriate free gift for taking whatever action is required from the CPA in question.

It could be an iPod, Nintendo, Wii or even just cash to their PayPal account that you give them.

However, the second condition that they must satisfy in order to get their gift is to convince two or three friends to sign up for the offer as well. This should not prove too difficult for anyone to do, as the sign up is going to be free for them and their friends too.

Once they have got the three friends to sign up as well, your original sign-up qualifies for the free gift which you drop ship to them. You have, however, already had three or four people to sign up for your high paying CPA offer, and are therefore in a position where you should be showing a significant profit.

However, (and this is where it begins to get interesting) you also have three other people who have signed up for your offer that can also qualify for the free gift – as long as they get the required two or three people to sign up under them.

So, as long as everybody does what they are supposed to do, you start with one person, next there are 3, then 9, then 27, 81, 243 and so on.

Even though not everyone will follow your ‘script’ and do exactly what ou want, nevertheless you have exponential growth naturally built into this project.

All that you need to do is look for websites where people gather seeking free gifts for a quick, easy and free way of promoting your offers.

Search any of the major search engines using a search term like ‘get free gifts’ or ‘find free gifts’ and see what sites you find.

Visit any sites that appear interesting and look for the Forum pages, as this is where the members will gather and actively seek and promote their own free gifts.

Register and add your own gift in your member signature. Here is an example of the type of Forum page that you should be

Indeed, in some of these Forums it is possible to ‘buy’ a thread, and this gives you even more leverage with which to drive ever increasing numbers of people to your site.

Another thing that you can do to make this technique even more effective is to go back to your cheaper AdWords alternative programs like GoClick and promote what you are doing with cheap PPC advertising.

If you have your own domain name that offers a cpanel function, you can even use Fantastico! Deluxe to create your own Forum and blog pages.

This is an excellent way of both driving traffic to your offers and also getting your site indexed by the search engines.

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Regards, Coyalita 

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