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Read On To Find Out What Successful Businesses Like The Swatch Group, TESCO, AB Volvo, And Red Bull GmbH Have In Common…

Will You Yield The Same Leverage On The Internet As These Successful Movers & Shakers In The World Of Business? You Decide…

From: Coyalita Linville
Today’s Date: Monday, September 18, 2023

Dear Internet Business Builder,

Take a stab and ask yourself, “What do these successful companies have at least one thing in common?” (besides being successful and loaded with money, of course!)

  • THE SWATCH GROUP – biggest watch manufacturer in the world; grossed 5.94 billion in sales in 2007.
  • TESCO – third largest global retailer based on revenue; profits exceed 3 billion in British pounds!
  • AB VOLVO – supplier of vehicles and automobile found in 1927; world’s best known and respected brand name in the automobile industry.
  • RED BULL GmbH – energy drink inspired by a Thai product; sold 3 billion cans in over 130 countries in 2006!

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These companies sell their own line of totally different merchandise in totally different industries. Yet they can all relate to one thing when it comes to MASSIVE success.

It’s called…

“Branding And Positioning.”

Because if you think about it:

  • There are many other leading and prestigious brands in the watch and timepiece industry like Rolex and Tag Heuer yet Swatch remained the best selling brand.
  • TESCO is the leading hypermarket in many countries and has dominated the retailer industry, and in effect put many small-time retail shops out of business!
  • Although there are many brands to choose from in the car and automobile industry, Volvo cars pride themselves in being the “safest vehicle to drive”… even though when you look deeper, other cars are just as safe to drive!
  • Red Bull may be stored in the same refrigerator with other soft drinks and cold beverages, but people will never see Red Bull as the same drink as with any other.


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