Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate Blueprint

Step-by-Step Checklist to Affiliate Success

Affiliate Blueprint Step-by-Step Checklist to Affiliate Success – With everything you’ve learned to date, I’ll bet your head is swimming. Below is a plan that you can implement to get you started on the road to affiliate success and profit.

Get Organized!

 Pick on affiliate network (I suggest Clickbank because it’s easy). Spend a couple of hours learning the ins and outs of how it works. Look at the gravity, sale percentages and pick some products and make some affiliate links so that you are fully familiar with how the process works.

Go to CB Trends and CB Engine and make sure you understand how they can help you pick winners.

Stop by the Google AdWords tool and search for about 10 keywords for each product that you pick making sure that they are low competition, good traffic keywords and key phrases.

Keep good notes about what you are doing so that you can refer back to them later.

Sign up for Pay Per Click programs

Get yourself the following Pay Per Click accounts:

AdWords, Yahoo Publisher and MSN Adcenter accounts

Make a decision about whether you are going to build a website or work strictly through Pay Per Click advertising.

Sign up for Clickbank

Sign up for Clickbank and get your nickname if you didn’t do that yesterday.

Go through the help files at Clickbank, AdWords, that you understand basically how each program works.

Video Training

Make a decision about which program you want to use to make your 1 minute videos.

Look on YouTube and search under Camtasia training. You will find a ton of videos on how to make a decent video.

Check out for free uploading of your videos after they’re done. If you want more options, there is a paid portion that will allow you to submit to more video sites.

Also, you can consider Traffic Geyser for maximum coverage with videos, if you have some money to spend.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is one of the easiest ways to get steady traffic to your website. Using good keyword/key phrase research will get you a ton of traffic as you write articles based on the results.

In those article directories, you can put links back to your site and that will send traffic your way.

  Never submit the same article to multiple sites

You need to change your article by at least 50% for each site. This is not as hard as you might think. Check out Unique Article Wizard located at: on how to accomplish that.

Top 25 Article Directories

Regards, Coyalita

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