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Affiliate Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Basics

Affiliate Blueprint Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Basics Since you are reading this e-book, I will assume that you are interested in making your fortune.

Before you can even contemplate picking an affiliate program to join, you will need to make some basic changes in your thinking.

Change the way you think about money.

You’ve got to really change the way you view money and you want to begin to feel like you deserve to be wealthy. While this concept seems simple, many people don’t feel like they deserve money.

As a result, their activities reflect their feelings of lack of worthiness. Instead of coming home from work and hitting the computer, reading an ebook, taking action on a plan, they will instead come home, sit in front of the television and time will pass.

Instead of becoming a veteran internet marketer, they will become the master of television watching.

People who feel like they should be able to make lots of money online will naturally make a lot of money online. This is not some spiritual mish-mosh, although I feel that spirituality is a part of everyone’s journey.

However, that is not what I’m talking about when I say people can make lots of money.

The most important thing to remember is that if you feel like you deserve lots of money, you will take the actions to make it happen.

It takes some basic things to be successful at affiliate marketing:

Stay focused
Pick a niche product to start with and then START
Read this e-book and then take action.
Make a schedule and then stick to it.

Start small and apply what you learn as you go.

Avoid being overwhelmed out of the gate. You want to learn, apply it on a small level and then scale up when you feel you have the basics under control.

While you are doing this, you will start to make money. By staying focused, I mean avoiding the multi-tab distractions. You can open a ton of websites in browsers nowadays.

If your plan calls for answering email between a certain time and certain time, avoid reading emails before that time. Tell yourself, it will still be sitting there waiting for you at….

Regards, Coyalita 

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