Winning at Texas Holdem’

Winning at Texas Holdem’

Winning at Texas Holdem’Playing Multi -Table Tournaments Online multi-table tournament play is not only fun and educational, but they’re a great way to maximize on your bankroll if you play them right.

Many sites offer low entry fee tournaments that pay out the top places at a mostly decent increase on your investment.

For example, Full Tilt Poker has $1.25 tournaments with 45 people going on all the time. They pay in the top 6 places: 1st = $17.10, 2nd = $11.25, 3rd = $7.20, 4th = $4.50, 5th = $2.70, 6th = $2.25. So, if you win, you get a pretty good pay-off. Even if you place 6th, you’ll get your money back with a buck to spare.

The key here is to make it to the final table and, hopefully, the top spot. You need to play very straight forward, solid poker – especially early on.

Many novice players in multi-table tournaments will bet crazily in the first few rounds hoping to get someone out or get a caller on their pocket 2’s.

Be selective in what you call, and, in general, don’t play into the “all-in” mentality that can lose you in the long run. You may find yourself very inactive for the first few rounds, and that’s OK. Survival is the key here. Try to make it to the first break with enough chips to make you a player.

However, if you have a premium hand, don’t be afraid to push in your chips. If you want to be a contender for first place, you’re going to need a lot of chips. If you play your premium hands aggressively and double up, you have a better chance of this happening.

Extract as much value from your premium hands as possible – Too many people overplay their premium hands because they’re afraid their opponent will hit a bigger monster on them. They’ll bet too much post-flop and push their opponent out of the pot – even with a monster.

Use probabilities to your advantage to determine the odds of your opponent beating your hand. You need to trap with those big hands. Too often, people will raise too much with huge pockets causing everyone to fold. If you do this, you won’t get full value out of your great cards. Bet sparingly and keep as many people in the pot as you can.

Well-times aggressiveness goes a LONG way. “Well-timed” means ALWAYS consider your position when you make a move. “Aggressiveness” means don’t be afraid to push your good hands.

If your hand is good enough to see a flop at this stage, it is then good enough to raise with. Hence, only play (raise) with premium hands from early position. The selection of hands to play (raise) does increase in late position. There’s nothing worse later in the tourney than raising pre-flop in early position when the blinds are big with a hand like AT only to have someone slam over the top of you in late position.

Be sure to protect your chips in tournament play. This means don’t raise marginal hands out of position. Putting your chips out there in an early position with a hand like ATs is not protecting your chips. You’re gambling that no one else has a better hand, or at least is afraid to attack back, with the entire table to act behind you.

What do you do if they slam over the top of you? Fold and give up a large amount of chips? Or call and risk your tournament life on a hand that is more than likely dominated? Not a decision I’d like to make, so avoid putting yourself in this position.

You should never “just call” a large pre-flop raise. If your hand is good enough to call, then it is good enough to re-raise and put the pressure on the original raiser. If you don’t feel comfortable raising your hand, you should probably fold it. The only exception to this is if you want to slow play a big hand like AA or KK.

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Winning at Texas Holdem’

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