Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates Goldmine

Unlimited Affiliates GoldmineDon’t Mistreat Your Affiliates This also brings up an even more important point that I see a heck of a lot.

Ever had this? You join an affiliate program, do a little promotion, receive your cash, and before long you’re receiving ads because the person’s affiliate program added you to an all-out advert list that they’re charging to send to?

Granted it’s not so bad if you know the person, have bought or expressed interest in the products they happen to be selling, but I’ll be honest with you, if you just add affiliates to a mailing list, you’re missing out big time.

They’re going to get annoyed at getting something they didn’t sign up for, and if just one good affiliate un-subscribes… I’ll leave that to you to figure out exactly how much money that could mean you lose in the coming months or with the launch of your next product.

Some people don’t agree with me here, I have to admit. But the general rule is, if your affiliates really are valuable (which they should be) and have been promoting for you, don’t send them adverts for anything.

The only exception is for a special offer for the affiliate program, notification of a new product they can promote, or something of that sort. Like your list, and on a smaller but more personal scale your JV prospects.

These are not people you want to annoy, because quite frankly, they’ll just leave and go elsewhere and you’ll lose wads of cash, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in the future, you will lose them in the long term. Way too many small businesses seem to do this. I wonder if they know what they’re doing to their earnings prospects.

General rule of thumb here, if they asked for it, send it to them. Marketing is only intrusive and annoying if it’s not wanted. If they signed up for something, don’t start sending them unrelated information, which will only annoy them and lose you money.

This doesn’t just relate to affiliate programs either, this goes for mailing lists, newsletters, e-zines, personal lists and more than anything, especially joint venture prospects.

A Final Word

I’m glad we got that one covered here in the time that we have, because it really is as important as I keep saying. In fact, in case I still haven’t managed to convince you, I want to finish with one more example of a high-ticket item.

Let’s say you’ve created a guide on a subject you find interesting, and sold it for $1000 including audio, video, consultations, and DVDs. You make fifteen sales from joint ventures yourself in the first month, and make $15,000.

Now with 150 affiliates, just ten percent of them make two sales each at 50% commissions. You’ve just netted yourself an extra… I’ll let you do the math on that one so it really sinks in how powerful this is and gets the juices flowing.

Alright, before we move off the subject of affiliates into the other attached manuals, I just want to reiterate. Affiliate growth is exponential. It’s slow at the start, and gets faster, depending on your joint ventures, list size and the number of affiliates you have.

Every product, every single piece of software or information you release relating to your business should bear this in mind.

Don’t worry if when you first start building affiliates, they don’t quite make you as much as you hoped. This is totally normal. What you’ll find is, in every twenty, thirty, fifty, or even 100 affiliates, there are a couple of real gems there that make you (and them) a whole lot of cash.

Take it from me, take your affiliate building as seriously as everyone’s been telling us to take our list building and direct sales recently, and you’ll see some amazing results.

Regards, Coyalita 

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