The 13 Serious Death Threats to Your Websites

The 13 Serious Death Threats to Your Websites


The 13 Serious Death Threats to Your Websites – In today’s world that’s driven by technology, more and more people and companies as well, are riding on the fast-moving world of the digital revolution platform we call the internet.

More often than not, these people or companies only knew how to build their websites and show it off to their visitors, customers, members, subscribers, friends and acquaintances without regard to the serious threats their creations are facing amidst the unstable network of computers and servers connected to the internet.

Like many industries of the IT world, these savvy Webmasters are not fully aware of the dangers that their websites face every day as they rely heavily on their webhosts and new technology to protect their websites.

The reason they don’t care that much is simple…

Most Webmasters are not appreciative of the fact that there are real threats that can seriously affect their online existence now more than ever.

They normally build, deploy and conquer but don’t believe (or tend not to believe) the real dangers of losing their websites in a snap (like the dreaded hard disk failure on their very own PC or Mac).


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