Social Media Domination YouTube

Social Media Domination YouTube

Social Media Domination YouTube while YouTube is not technically a social network, it has many social elements and is an immensely powerful marketing tool in general.

How to Use YouTube

Of course, YouTube is a video sharing site that you can use to upload videos and to search for those made by others. You can create a ‘vlog’ of regularly uploaded video content in just the same way that you might make a blog.

How to Use YouTube

From there, you can then gain subscribers who will see your content regularly as you upload it. They can then comment and like your videos or share them to various other social media channels.

Note that comments on YouTube are now done through Google+. This means that if you want to comment and respond, you will need to have a G+ account set up.

What many people do not realize is that YouTube is also an enormously powerful search engine. In fact, it is the second most popular search engine in the world right behind Google and is somewhere that a lot of users will come to look for instructions and information. You can make sure that they see your videos when they do by using the right video title, the right description, and the right keywords – all which factor into the search results.

 Top Tips for YouTube Success

As with the other social media networks we have looked at, the key to success on YouTube is to provide fresh content that people are looking for but that is not there yet. Combine this with high production values and the right title and you will gradually gain more followers.

What is also great about video marketing, is that it allows you to appeal to your viewers on an emotional level very effectively. In a video, you can get across your personality and your passion much more easily and you can emote with music, editing and more. Video is also much more engaging than almost any other medium – and we find ourselves compelled to watch things to the end in many cases.

This means that you can use YouTube to get sales as well as to convince people to follow you on other social media. Do not be afraid to ask people to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page! You can also embed YouTube videos onto your homepage which is a fantastic way to quickly capture attention and to explain how your product makes lives better. You can even use YouTube videos in your Facebook advertisement and have them appear on a PPC basis.

Note that you do not need to be a professional presenter or amazing director/editor to benefit from YouTube. You can create videos from slideshows and save them as MPEGs in Excel (then just add narration). Likewise, you can create whiteboard animations, you can use screen capture software, or you can create stop motion animations. If you are providing valuable information and/or entertainment, the means does not matter that much.

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