Social Media Domination Pinterest

Social Media Domination Pinterest

Social Media Domination Pinterest is a tool that too many businesses and users are overlooking. Pinterest does not have quite the same reputation as Facebook and Twitter but nevertheless it is expected to hit fifty million active users in the US alone by 2016. That is not a small number, and it is worth taking notice of. Some brands are doing excessively big numbers on Pinterest too: Etsy has over 461,000 followers, while Swarovski’s ‘Wedded Bliss’ board has an incredible 1,537,213 subscribers.

What is more, Pinterest is different from some of the other social networks on this list. For instance, it has a substantial proportion of female users (71%) which is excellent if that is your target demographic or if it is a demographic, you have been struggling to crack.

How Pinterest Works


First, it is pertinent to examine precisely how Pinterest works and how it is different from another social network like Twitter.




Essentially, Pinterest lets users create mood boards (just called ‘boards’ on Pinterest). They do this by pinning content they find either online, or content that they find by browsing other boards. The result is a collage of images that they have found, collected in a single place and with optional added comments.

So, what is a mood board for? Usually, it acts as a source of inspiration for a project, or a scrap book of ideas and things that you like. So, if you were about to plan a wedding for instance, you would sign up to Pinterest and start searching for wedding inspiration – decorations, venues, bridesmaid dresses, seating plans, table names, flowers etc. etc.

From here, you would then hopefully find inspiration for things you liked, and you could then pin that to your own board. Eventually, you would start to produce a visual direction for your wedding, and you would have a ton of ideas all in one place.

Other features include the ability to let other users edit your board (your partner or best man/maid of honor) or to make the board private. Of course, you can also upload your own images, which might include photos you have taken.

In your search for wedding inspiration, you might then find yourself following boards of other users that have provided you with lots of innovative ideas. And in fact, if you were to create your own board, you might find that some other users start following you too!

Succeeding on Pinterest

So that is the general principle, now how do you make it work for you and really start to succeed on Pinterest?

The first thing to recognize is that once again, the key to success is very much to provide value. Rather than providing ‘general’ value though, there is a specific type of value that does very well on Pinterest. The key is to remember why people use Pinterest in the first place, the answer to which is to find inspiration, to collect ideas and to create attractive and thought-provoking boards.

As well as wedding planning, many users will use Pinterest to create motivational boards to help them stick to their gym routine, they will create boards for web design, and they will create boards for fashion tips. They might meanwhile like following boards that offer these things, which provide fonts, which share cool images from films or comics, etc.

Thus, you need to find an ‘angle’ like this that will work within your niche or your industry. What is the lifestyle you are trying to promote? How can you sell that lifestyle through a board?

Certain industries of course lend themselves to this type of content very well. If you own a crafts business for instance, or if you sell clothes, then there are some obvious ways you can provide inspiration and ideas while at the same time subtly promoting your brand.

If you sell insurance though, then having a successful Pinterest board might be more difficult. The key here is again to look at the underlying lifestyle that goes with your offering.

If you sell life insurance, then you might create Pinterest boards about family days out, things you can do together etc. If you sell home insurance, then you can create Pinterest boards of interior designs or beautiful homes.

These can gather their own momentum to the point where they are extraordinarily successful independently from your business – giving you the perfect launch pad to then promote your products or services.

For this to happen though, you need to spend some real time with Pinterest, and you need to treat it like its own product. Keep thinking: how can you make this board better? What updated content might people want to see?

Finally, if you run a blog then it is likely you will be posting images alongside each new article (at least you should!). You can simply share these on Pinterest as well as a way for people to stay up to date with what you are doing.

More Tips to Accelerate Your Pinterest Success

Pinterest is a great tool for running campaigns, competitions, and events. If you have a visual product like a line of clothes for instance, then you could challenge your followers to create their own pins and boards using them. You can then share the best ones to gain more momentum.

This is a fantastic way to generate some hype and some interaction with your followers and as a bonus, you will also be able to see how people are using the things you have created – which in turn might help you to produce ideas for new features etc.

Also, important of course is to ensure that you keep updating your Pinterest with added content. Creating new images can be challenging work but if all you do is ‘repin’ pins from other boards, then you will not be contributing much new and there will not be much benefit for you when your own pins get shared. Really, your board should display your brand, your products, and your industry in a unique way.

Fortunately, there is a plugin for Pinterest that is extremely helpful. Using this, you will see a pin icon in the top corner of any image when you hover your mouse over the top of it. This way, you can simply click that icon and then easily add the image to one of your boards. This is great for building an enormous collection of images on any board quickly.

Go to to add a Pinterest button to your browser.

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