Social Media Domination Google+

Social Media Domination Google+

Social Media Domination Google+ (Note Google+ is no longer available however for the purposes of this content it is within here allowed.)

Google+ is the newest kid on the block, though it has been around for a while now and is clearly here to stay. And like blogging, it seems like this is an area of particular interest for many marketers and businesses going forward. The Social Media Examiner found that of all the social networks, Google+ was the one that people were most interested in learning about. 54% of marketers are already using it and 61% plan to increase their G+ activities.

The Unique Benefits of Google+

What makes Google+ popular is the way it ties into SEO as well as providing the usual social media marketing benefits. Of course, G+ is owned by Google, which means that it has been integrated with the search engine algorithms. Getting ‘+1s’ on this network can help your content appear in personalized search and may even contribute to overall rankings according to MOZ.

What is more, Google+ has a useful ‘Hangouts’ feature for live chat in groups, it integrates well with Gmail, and it has a good community tool. Google+ is interesting now, for while it has not seen quite the widespread adoption as Facebook or Twitter, its links with Google mean it is exceedingly popular among marketers and bloggers. This in turn means that like LinkedIn, it is a good place for marketers to network.


Tips to Succeed on Google+

When it comes to sharing content, the same rules apply for Google+ as for Facebook. However, it is well worth joining some of the communities on the site which range from about every niche imaginable. You can then post in these communities and your content will be seen by many of the members right on their home feeds. This is a very quick way to not only build a lot of +1s but to potentially generate a huge amount of direct traffic. It is remarkably like a site like Reddit in this case – like social bookmarking.

A smart way to make even more use of this feature is to create some cross-niche content. For instance, author an article on bodybuilding for martial artists and that way you can promote your weight loss supplement to a new audience. Style for bloggers? Top books to enjoy while fishing? There are plenty of possibilities here and again this works very well on Reddit.

To build your circles (which is the G+ equivalent of followers), you can also take part in discussions in these communities and in hangouts. This lets you demonstrate your authority on a subject and make contacts. Another simple strategy is to add more people to your own circles – they will be notified and will very often respond in kind.

Finally, make sure to officially link your G+ page with your website so that Google sees you as the author. This may have more SEO benefit.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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