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Profit Streams 21-Powerful-Ways-to Make Money Online: Write and Submit

Profit Streams 21-Powerful-Ways-to Make Money Online: Write and Submit This is different from freelance writing because you are not selling your services to a certain person or party.

In this proven way to make money online, you write articles on your own time and then submit them to article directories, or even to magazines.

Again, you will see a great range of potential niches and topics. In theory, the range of potential subjects for writing is endless – you’re only limited by your expertise and willingness to cover those topics.

The length also varies, but in this method, you will mostly be limited to articles between 200 words and a thousand words. This is because you are writing “articles” that are readable in one short sitting, and yet are substantial enough to justify the space they occupy.

Article directories are quite simply orderly repositories of written material, generally of the informative sort. A visitor can access the directory and use keywords to search for articles, and then peruse at their leisure.

As a writer, these directories allow you to get views for your articles while having a regular outlet for your written material.

How does this make money for you? Well, some directories pay for each visitor who comes to read your articles. Of course, you can also use your articles to market various products and get money from sales or commissions.

On the World Wide Web, making money often involves multiple overlapping strategies. This may seem intimidating to the budding Internet-based moneymaker, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly enough.

Remember to pick out the right categories for your articles, or they could end up getting misclassified and may suffer penalties. Additionally, do not forget your keyword research.

Though in this method keyword research is not as important as in freelance writing, you will still get more hits if you use the right keywords.

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