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Profit Streams 21-Powerful-Ways-to Make Money Online: Blog Management

Profit Streams 21-Powerful-Ways-to Make Money Online: Blog Management There’s a popular blogging platform called WordPress. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is basically a software program that enables you to write and publish blogs with a lot of the steps being automated.

WordPress’s functionality is highly flexible and expandable through the use of small bits of code called plugins.

These plugins can perform various tasks automatically, such as monitoring statistics, automatically generating text, and much more. With WordPress and plugins, maintaining a blog is not the problem; choosing and managing your plugins is!

There are so many plugins available, and they are not made equal, not to mention that some are incompatible with each other.

Every problem is a challenge and an opportunity to do business and profit. In this case, you can offer your services as a blog manager, specifically to users in need of help with their plugins.

This is a great opportunity, since you can finish your tasks in a few minutes and yet charge disproportionately large amounts of money.

To enable such an opportunity to appear, you need to familiarize yourself with WordPress and its plugins. Moreover, you might want to come up with your “standard” set of plugins and configurations and use it as a template when revamping or tuning a customer’s WordPress setup.

You can also offer to perform certain functions for the blog. For example, you can offer to take charge of answering inquiries or managing special orders from customers. This is all about helping blog owners with their problems and getting paid for it.

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