Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business BoardsDriving Traffic to Your Site with Pinterest Draw traffic your way with board contests.

For example, Home Shopping Network (HSN) invited pinners to create a board of what their dream room would look like. They tagged their boards with specified hashtags for identification. The one with the best board won a room makeover.

Tailor the content to the nature of your business. Pinterest doesn’t mind that you run contests to drive traffic to your site as long as you comply with the site’s Terms of Use.

On your website, link to your Pinterest account of the board where the actual content is mentioned. Be sure that the rules for entry are clearly stated for all to see.

Just like with any other form of advertising, it can be trial and error. See what others are pinning from your site. Perform a source search. This allows you to see what people have pinned (if anything) from your website or blog.

Remember, in order to facilitate the pinning process, it is best to embed code for Pin It buttons where needed on your site.

Visitors can download their own bookmarklet for their browser toolbar, but it would be far more convenient if you gave them the button yourself.

Make sure that the most popular product pins come together on a board that you can promote to drive traffic your way.

Pinterest Business Boards

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