Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business Boards Using Pinterest for Business Getting Set Up We purposely waited until this point to tell you how to get started with your Pinterest account.

As we stated before, sign up is free. Simply go to the website ( and click “Join Pinterest.”

At the bottom it will ask if you are a business. Click the link beside that for more information. It will take you to the business Pinterest page where you can click to sign up as a business. If you already have an account, it can be easily converted.

Create your profile page. Just like any other social site, your profile gives other users vital information about you if they want to know what your business is all about.

Include your logo if you have one and a short but engaging description of your company. Add your website address and official company name. This is what people will see if they view your boards.

Verify your website with Pinterest. They support top-level domains for businesses, meaning you need to own your domain name. Once you verify your website, others will know that it is a true site that they can visit.

Link your Pinterest boards directly to your website. Under the “Goodies” tab on the Pinterest website, you can find out how to embed the Pinterest follow button on your website.

If you also want visitors and customers to be able to share your images on their boards, include the Pin It button with your other social media icons.

Include the buttons on a specific post or attach it to a product. Again the “Goodies” tab will show you how.

Review the trademark and branding policies for using the boards. The logos for Pinterest are not to be altered in any way when you embed them in your site. Use only approved logos in the font and design specified by the site.

This means using the white logo on a black background and the red one on a white background, for example.

Be careful when promoting your business and even contests on Pinterest. It is against their policy to insinuate that Pinterest is somehow collaborating with you on a project. Encourage others to share WITH you on Pinterest.

Regards, Coyalita 

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