Photo Traffic Power

Photo Traffic Power

Photo Traffic PowerThey say a picture is worth a thousand words… 

Yes, I’m starting off this book with a moldy cliche, but only because it is SO true, especially when it comes to Internet traffic. Images are a POWER method for traffic creation. It’s a method you can start using today… RIGHT NOW… and start building a flood of targeted niche traffic to your websites and offers.

What about videos, isn’t video the thing everyone’s doing today?
I will not argue with anyone about videos being super powerful for traffic. I use videos myself. However, in the time it takes to create one video, you can use images to create a ton of traffic, both immediate traffic and long-term traffic. If you’re doing video, don’t stop, it’s a super method. But try out some of the techniques in this guide and see if images work well with (or better than) your current video strategies. You may be surprised.


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