One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online Business

Sourcing a suitable product…

Finding a suitable product could not be easier.

Visit and sign up for a free account. Having done this, you can immediately promote any of the 10,000 products that are offered through the site, without further application or approval.

Click the ‘Marketplace’ icon and type in the primary term that you want to look for and hit the ‘Go’ button: This action will produce a list of all the products that have been called up by the keyword you have used. It is then simply a question of choosing the product that you want to promote.

If you are operating in a very competitive market, you will probably be offered dozens of different products to promote to your prospects.

When this happens, you should try to select a product that does not as yet have such a level of popularity that it is already too well known in the marketplace. You would do this by checking on the ‘grav’ (gravity) figure underneath the product details to the far right as highlighted.

You are looking for a gravity figure of less than 100 points, so all of the autism related products shown in the screenshot are acceptable. You can see that the commission payable (to the far left of the green text line) varies, but do not be tempted to promote a product simply because of the commission payable.

Check the sales page of each product shown (from the ‘view pitch page’ link) to find the sales page that looks best to you. To a certain extent, choosing the best product from the sales page is a matter of instinct and gut reaction, so if you find one of the sales pitches stands out for you, use it because if you like it, it is likely that your prospects will as well.

Time for another quick summary.

You have found a market niche where there are plenty of people with a real need looking for information. You have established that there are low competition keyword phrases that you can use to drive visitors to your site, and you have found a suitable product to recommend to those visitors.

It is finally time to start building your site.

Write your review…

Although it is possible that you would be able to write a more accurate and informative review if you were to buy a product that you are promoting yourself, it is not absolutely necessary to do so.

There are two ways that you can collect sufficient information to create your own review.

First, go through the Clickbank sales page and note down all of the major benefits. Remember that potential customers are only interested in what the product can do for them, so they want to know about benefits, not features.

Generally speaking, you can usually find enough information on the sales page to write a reasonably good product review without doing anything else.

However, you might also want to search to see whether anybody else has already written a review, because that will make your job considerably easier. You do this by searching Google for ‘product name + review’ (or ‘reviews’), so if you are promoting a product called ABC123, your search would be for ‘ABC123 review’.

Between the sales page and other people’s reviews, you should have enough material to write your own. Don’t make your review too gushingly complimentary about the product – add a couple of negatives to make the review appear more objective and unbiased.

However, in the final analysis, you should recommend it. When you do, make sure that you include a clear call to action (i.e. at the end of the review article, make sure that you tell your visitor that the product is highly recommended and that they must get their own copy), and tell them to click your link which must also be included.

Incidentally, you should not make it too obvious that your link goes to a product that you are promoting as an affiliate – something as innocuous as this would work far more effectively:

The HTML code that you would need to create a link like this (using a standard Clickbank style ‘hoplink’ which you should replace with your own) would be coded in this way:

HERE</s trong>

Copy and paste this code at the bottom of your review page, add
content from EzineArticles to several text units, add a few videos and materials on eBay, and the site should be fully ready to go.

However, don’t stop there.

Come back every couple of days and add a new article (preferably one that you have written yourself), use the RSS feed module to keep your lens regularly updated and generally keep the site growing.

Google in particular loves Squidoo lenses, especially those where there is a regular supply of fresh, new (and ideally unique) content that you add, so keep Google happy and they will send traffic to your site.

However, this is not enough traffic to make your business successful.

Consequently, traffic is the next (and perhaps most important) aspect of building your business.

Don’t Stop Here There Is SO…. Much More Inside…

One Month to Your Own Online Business


Regards, Coyalita 

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