Never Too Old to Exercise

Never Too Old to Exercise

Health & Fitness Assessments

Never Too Old to Exercise Health & Fitness Assessments Before embarking on a fitness routine, an aged individual should first seek to have some sort of health and fitness assessment done.

This will not only help when it comes to designing a suitable fitness program for the individual but will also help to highlight any possible health issues that might need special consideration when picking the types of exercise routine to incorporate in the exercise program.

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Physical activity can be challenging for the senior age group and this is especially so if the activity is demanding in nature. Therefore, some thought has to be given regarding the health and fitness levels of the individual.

It is not uncommon to note the presence of ailments such as overweight conditions, high blood pressure, deteriorating heart conditions, bone deteriorating conditions and other conditions
that may not be so visible in the aged individual’s overall health outlook.

Therefore, for those who are not already exercise enthusiasts, there is an even greater need for careful instructions on the exercise to be performed, longer warm up sessions, accompanied with equally longer cool down sessions and in some cases even assistance in monitoring and recording the results of the overall health improvements if any, based on the exercises used.

When the assessments are being conducted there should always be a first aid kit and other medical expertise available, in case any sudden negative problems arise from the routine assessment technique.

It is very important for seniors to have adequate strength, flexibility and endurance to effectively go through the motions of ordinary daily tasks. With regular assessments done, any abnormalities or shortcomings can be detected early and the relevant resources can be introduced.

Some of these assessment styles may include chair stand tests, block transfer tests, soda pop tests, arm curl tests, ½ mile walking tests, 6-minute walk tests and many other suitably designed tests for seniors.

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Never Too Old to Exercise

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