Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 9 – The Best Article Directories

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 9 – The Best Article Directories

Mass Traffic Attack Chapter 9 – The Best Article Directories so which article directories are the best for submitting your articles to, and how many should you use? Remember the 2 main reasons why you are authoring articles – firstly to get traffic and secondly, to get the link back to your web site to help with your search engine rankings. Earlier in this eBook I wrote that each link back to your site is seen as a “vote” by the search engines.

However, some votes are worth more than others, some sites are seen as more important, more authoritative than others. Google determines the importance of a web site by its Page Rank, or PR, method. Each site is ranked from 0 to 10, the higher the PR the more important it is. So, a link back to your site from a PR5 site counts a lot more than even 20 links from various PR0 sites.

Determining Page Rank

If you go to Google and type in “PageRank checker” you will find many free tools that function as plugins to your web browser and give you that information. My favorite is one called Link Extender, which you can find here:

Link Extender

This displays the Page Rank in Google search results:

as well as installing a toolbar that lets you view the same information on each individual site. So, we want to use article directories with a higher PR.

Everyone knows about, and will advise you, to use the following two:

Ezine Articles

Go Articles

There are however another 2 “lesser-known” directories that I have had remarkable success with. I strongly recommend you give them a look:

Articles Base


Sign up for accounts at all 4 of these and submit your articles there. Remember to read their terms and conditions. Ezine Articles are quite choosy about what they will permit in their articles as regards content, links, etc.

If you want to submit to more directories than the above 4, and in all honesty, I do not think it is necessary, make sure you choose directories with a Google PR of at least 3. If you search for “article directory” you will see that there are thousands of them, so ensure that it is worth your while.

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Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Chapter 10 – What to Write When You Know Nothing About the Subject”

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