Instant Buzz Mastery

Instant Buzz Mastery:
Secrets the Pros Use to Drive Profits
Through the Roof with Instant Buzz

Drive Targeted Buyers to Your Web Site NOT Window Shoppers

Instant Buzz MasteryWhat is Instant Buzz? Instant Buzz is a tool that plugs into your web browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox). Instant Buzz shows you a tiny little ad for every web page you view.

You earn advertising credits, and your ad is shown on other Instant Buzz member’s site.

This is what an Instant Buzz advertisement looks like in my Internet Explorer browser:

See the little instant buzz ad in the screen shot? If you don’t mind a little ad like that you can get a TON of extra traffic for your web site.

How does it work?

Every time you surf a web site (ANY web site) you see a tiny ad in your web browser. For every 10 pages you surf you earn 1 credit in the Instant Buzz system. The more credits you get the more often your ad is displayed on another Instant Buzz member’s web site.

There are also other ways to earn credit. You can earn credits by having tiny little ads in your email, or you can place a tiny little instant buzz advertisement on your web site.

In addition, Instant Buzz sometimes has extra advertising available, they give this back to their members as “Freebie” credits.

Finally, you can build a downline and earn additional credits when they surf the web too. This is how I earn 10,000+ ad credits a day.

You surf the web! – You earn credits! – People see your ads! – IF they like your ad they click it!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Big Deal”!

Well, it is a big deal!


Most Traffic Exchanges work on a method where you get credit for surfing people’s web sites. These traffic exchanges don’t work well because you receive an incentive to browse other member’s web sites.

Guess what? Most of these traffic exchanges are full of zombies! That’s right, zombies: People who surf over and over and over again with no intention of buying your product.

They don’t care what your web site is. They just want that timer to tick down to zero so they can click on another web site. You can get thousands of visitors this way and never make a single sale.

Yuck! Who wants thousands of visitors to waste their bandwidth on their web site? They never buy anything! They never sign up for your mailing list! They never click on your AdSense ads!

Instant Buzz is Better

The reason Instant Buzz is better is that no one gets paid to click on your ad. People don’t earn pennies; they don’t earn additional advertising credits for clicking on your ad.

The people that click on your Instant Buzz ad are genuinely interested in what you have to offer! So, you make sales, get signups to your newsletter, etc.

Look, I’m not very good at this internet marketing stuff. You’re probably just like me. You’ve got some practice in internet marketing but are looking to get better.

Guess what? I have even made sales from this! I just ran a newsletter signup page that was getting 40% signups from people clicking through on my Instant Buzz ads! That’s pretty darn good for “free” advertising.

Instant Buzz is Always On 

Another benefit of Instant Buzz is that it plugs right into your web browser. With other traffic exchanges you have to take time out of your day to go to the traffic exchange and surf web sites. You only earn credits while you surf their web sites. BORING!

Or maybe you join a banner exchange. Then you get credits when you put the banner or text links on your web site. Guess what? If you don’t have any traffic, you don’t get any credits! AND banners are horrible at attracting BUYERS to your site!

Instant Buzz plugs right into your web browser. It is a simple download and takes about 1 minute to download the software and install it.

After that you’re done. Now every time you surf a web page you are earning credits. Credits that will attract BUYERS not window shoppers!

Ok, Enough talk! Let’s get started with Instant Buzz!

Instant Buzz Mastery

Regards, Coyalita 

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