How To Make Insane Profits Online

How To Make Insane Profits Online?

By Selling Other People’s Products


How to Make Insane Profits Online many people are making a large profit by selling information online – especially information that they did not create themselves- and you may become one of them. (“4 Special Reports Profiting from Affiliate Programs …”)

“The purpose of this report is to teach you how you too can make profits selling other people’s products.” (“Make Insane Profits by Selling Other Peoples products …”) NOTE: This is not a course on how to create your own products. If you want to find out how to create eBooks (or special Reports), you can sign up for my free 4-day course: “How to Write, Create, Promote, And Sell Your Own eBooks Online” at:

The beauty of working with resell products is that there is nothing to share with others, and you do not need to work on a commission base, like with an affiliate program, which pays you only a fraction of the sale you make.

But do not start the party too soon… 🙂

I cannot guarantee how much you will earn after studying this report. That will solely depend on the steps that you are willing to take, and how serious you are about starting a resale business.

I can only make it as simple as possible for you by showing you what to do, and more important…

… what NOT to do 🙂

So, that had to be said, because I do not want you to create any false expectations.

“How To Make Insane Profits Online”

Now, before we continue, I want to point you to a handy tool called the “eBook Librarian” to keep yourself organized…

One of my biggest problems when I first bought an eBook collection was that I downloaded everything at once.

I filled up my desktop with folders and files with strange names, and it turned out a complete nightmare to figure out what went where.

The “eBook Librarian” saved me from that. The program keeps track of all your eBooks and organizes your files into distinct categories for easy searching.

You can download a free copy at:

Ready? Ok, then let us roll…

“Before you start selling an eBook (or other product) that you bought, you should always check first if it comes with resell rights.” (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

Remember… not all eBooks have resale rights. In fact, most do not.

“Even if you bought an eBook as part of a resell rights package, and the owner tells you that the product is resalable, triple check to see if the product is really allowed for resale.” (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

Many people blindly take other people’s words and confuse and upset people unintentionally because they sold something that was not supposed to be. (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

In general, you can find the legal notice on the first page of an eBook.

Resale rights come in diverse ways…

“• You can buy a product with resell rights, and then resell the product and not allow others to resell it.” (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

“• You can buy and resell a product and allow your customers to also resell it from their own site.” (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

  • You can buy a product and allow anyone who buys it from you to sell it, including selling the resell rights. This is best known as “Master Resell Rights”, or also “Generic Resale Rights”. (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

Beside resell rights there is also something called “Customization Rights”.

Some products allow you to customize the affiliate links inside the product with your own affiliate links to earn backend profits. Mostly this requires a separate fee. (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

“If you buy “customization rights”, you can insert your own profit generating affiliate links in the product, and anyone who buys the product from you and resells it, will help to spread your affiliate links.” (“How To Make Insane Profits Online by Selling Other People …”)

You will not find this option often because most authors want to earn backend profits for themselves, and not give them away to you.

Here is a case study…

I wrote my Web Marketing Explained eBook with the intention to make it available for free. This would give me the chance to collect the email addresses from my visitors and build an opt=In list. (Because the eBook contains affiliate links that pay me a commission when someone orders from them, I make money even while giving it away.)

But then I decided to sell it with resell rights included and offer every buyer the option of customizing the book with their affiliate links for an extra fee.

I also set up a pop-up window on the sales page and gave away a free eBook to my visitors in return for their email address.

So, I won four times…

1) I made profits from the eBook sales.

2) I made profits from selling the customization rights to the people who bought the eBook.

3) I made profits from the affiliate links inside the eBooks that other people sold via their site.

4) And at the same time, I built an Opt-In list via the popup form on the sales page.

So far about the different forms of resell rights.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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