How to Make Insane Profits Online What a Quality eBook Package Must Offer

How to Make Insane Profits Online What a Quality eBook Package Must Offer

I just told you why it is good to own a high-end resale rights product.

Now, do not get me wrong. Some products that come bundled with low end resell packages can be just as good.

But then there are others that are nothing but a waste of your hard disk space.

When I buy products that I want to resell I follow these criteria:

  1. A minimum suggested resale price.

Time after time I notice products that originally sold well for $97 up to $150, which are rendered worthless because the authors did not set a minimum price on their product.

For example, the “Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript” by Mark Joyner.

One reseller gives this product away for free as a bonus for whatever reason, then other resellers get discouraged because they think; “how can I sell mine for $200 when this guy is giving it away?”.

  1. The product must be sold as a stand-alone product.

This is only to protect the value of the product with resell rights. If a reseller is including it in an eBook package, I will not be able to easily sell it for a high profit.

  1. I must be able to change the Mini Site or/and Sales Page.

I always want to be in control of changing the graphics and add my own personality into the sales page.

I do not want to be restricted to using the same sales page as everyone else.

The more you can separate yourself from the crowd, the better. (“Teaching jobs in New Jersey… is it unrealistic to think …”)

“How To Make Insane Profits Online”

Bringing a unique offer increase sale. Period.

I also like to evaluate and improve the response of a sales page, and that can only be done if I can change it.

To be honest… I prefer buying products that do not include a sales page.

I know that my competitors are just too lazy to produce a sales page, so when I create another order-pulling sales page, and add an exclusive graphic to the product, I am a winner already 😉

I guess I do not need to tell you about the importance of an appealing eCover.

However, an eCover alone will not sell your product, but it can make your product look more valuable.

When it comes to giving your eBook the best eCover treatment, you have many options. There are many software tools, as well as several designers you can contract to design your cover for you.

Here is a list of some of the best eCover services:

(Members of the “Digital Reseller Vault” can modify all the Mini Sites they receive. But in most cases, that is not an option, because I make sure that all the sales pages are optimized and fit to sell.)

  1. The product must be fresh.

I would never recommend you promote an outdated product. The newer the product, the less people have seen it.

There are exceptions of course. You can bring an old product to life by giving it a current sales page and add a new graphic.

But there is also some good news…

Some older products may not be promoted anymore online because they have dropped out of the spotlight.

You can often get the resell rights much cheaper for an older product, if you kindly ask the author/publisher.

  1. The product must offer value.

There are products that seem to be no more than just expanded sales letters for an affiliate program, making their profits on the resale rights.

Surprising but true… people who buy resale rights to a product will not do anything with it. (“What to Look For When Buying Resell Rights Products”) They just want to have the ability to resell it when they want to.

The resale rights owner is the one who wins, because if his customers are not trying to sell the product then he does not have to deal with complaints too.

TIP: If you plan to buy a product, go for the expert resell rights when available. This way you can sell the product and sell the resell rights as an upsell.

Example: I recently bought the Master Resell License to Niche Factors

This is a niche product about “niche products”. The resell rights for “Niche Factors” was only $97.00, so I ordered the rights instantly.

I knew that Niche Marketing is a hot market, and the suggested retail price is very affordable for people at only $27.

I also knew that I would sell many copies of the book because my niche is about eBooks, and how people can sell information products about any subject online, so I could not go wrong here.

One other important thing…

I want you to take a minute to visit the website and carefully study the sales page.

You will notice that the product focuses on selling based on the content.

That in contrast with products in reseller packages that solely rely on their sales by the simple fact that they have resell rights included.

Here is a lesson learned… You will only create a proper interest in your product and make sales with it if you can convince people that your product offers unique and valuable content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Never forget… it is not about “quantity”, but “quality”.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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