Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: How to Start Generating Daily Traffic 

Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website: How to Start Generating Daily Traffic – Traffic can be increased through the following strategies, such as:

• Search engine optimization.

• Increased visibility on the Net.

• Links to and from other sites (i.e. reciprocal and one-way) – an
easy way to increase presence on the web.

• Interesting add-ons on the site.

• Increasing the amount of time each customer spends on the site – making sure all the pages are viewed, instead of only the
home page/link destination page, thus generating more page
views, an indicator of good traffic.

• Making the most popular pages even more popular and
increasing internal links to the site’s other pages to encourage

• Forum-involvement and blog commenting

• Use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

• Advertising – such as the purchase of bulk email, pop up ads, in page advertising, as well as the purchase of traditional and non-Internet based advertising.

Of all these options, which cover only an exceedingly small part of how traffic can be increased, advertising seems to be the most popular.

Paid advertising is an e-marketing concept that enjoys a good reputation to generate traffic. Concepts such as banner advertising and pay per click are the most well-known and sought-after.

Banner advertising has evolved to pop-up ads features when it turns out that Internet viewers got used to the concept of the banner at the top of the page.

Pay per click uses the concept of sponsored links on search engine results pages by buying keywords and phrases that are bound to be associated with the site’s products or content.

There are many ways to increase traffic, and most of them will be covered in more detail later. It is important to be proactive and reactive in methods of generating increased traffic first.

Most methods of increasing traffic are reactive measures that identify an avenue to exploit on the site and then use it to generate traffic. Advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) placement are reactive measures undertaken when the site is already afloat.

Many site creators and business owners underestimate the impact of proactive methods.

The difference here must be made between two concepts, namely natural traffic, and organic traffic.

Regards, Coyalita

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