Online Traffic Secrets

Online Traffic Secrets

Online Traffic Secrets – Web-traffic, every website needs it; every webmaster wants more of it. We are all looking for that one secret traffic trick that will turn our site around.

There are tons of websites out there on the internet. Competition is fierce to entice the visitors. But the real thing is that among the heap of Web pages out there, only a countable percentage of webpages-pages able to succeed a steady readership, also only these same Web pages bring advertisers.

To fight the battle, you first need to develop and execute a Web site advertising strategy. There is no quick fix; web-owners must need to stay patient, dynamic and consistent.

There are several ways to encourage traffic to your site. In this E-book we will provide and discuss the strategies that have long lasted and are proven to their core.

Chapter 1 Generate website Traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the technique of promoting a website in order to improve its rankings so that a site receives maximum number of visitors organically from search engines.

Search Engine Ranking is essential to generate traffic because users click on the search results that are listed on the first page.

Clearly there’s a big advantage for any web-owner, if they can rank their website high in the search engine results.

Google and other search engines rank websites according to relevancy, value, and user experience. If you can improve your website for these three reasons, you can stay at the top for a long time. Each search engine has its own distinctive ranking criteria and uses their ingenious algorithm which weighs each criterion accordingly.


This is the most crucial factor in organic search engine optimization. The fact is webmasters have to select the precise keywords for their business, products/services and their target market. Owner must keep in mind that they need to identify with their targeting audience and then build their search engine optimization strategy around that audience.

Basically, keywords are the requisites and phrases that the target audience uses when searching for the products and services that the owner of the website is offering. Then according to the ranking of the website on the major search engines and directories it will be shown on that page.

The owner of the site must choose keyword phrases that will bring constant targeted traffic consisting of potential customers. It becomes important to research and validate the keywords for the search queries.

Following the basic fundamentals of the Keyword Placement:-

Here’s What’s Included

Keyword prominence

Keyword Proximity

Keyword Frequency

Keyword Density

Anchors and Links


Tweaking the Website

Title Tag

Meta Description tag

The Meta Keywords Tag

Body text

Chapter 2 – How To Drive Immense Traffic Via Content Marketing?

YouTube Marketing

Forum Marketing

Become a Thought Leader

Be Helpful to Members

Offer Shareable Content

Chapter 3 – Email Marketing – Crucial Website Traffic Generator

Understand their needs

Synchronize your other marketing channels with email

Design the RSS Feeds for Blog Seriously

Use Your Signature in Email

Give Serious Thought to Subject Line

Focus on Conversions

Optimizing Email Marketing Campaign

Know The Rules

Chapter 4 – Social Media Marketing

How to Generate Traffic through Social Media Channels?

Build Your Own Community

Develop Email List via Social Media

Post At Right Time

Chapter 5 – Build Quality Backlinks To Get Huge Traffic

Why Need Backlinks?

Building Backlinks

Chapter 6 – Miscellaneous Ways to Generate Traffic


Generating Traffic with e-zines

Generating Traffic with Google AdWords

Chapter 7 Importance of Website Stats to Generate Traffic

Final Words

And Much More…

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