Network Marketing Survival 3.0

Network Marketing Survival 3.0

Network Marketing Survival 3.0Network marketing is not the same old routine it was in the Baby Boomers’ 
generation. Several things have changed. Things like door-to-door calls, cold calling, etc. are just passé. Today, network marketing has gone online in a very large way.

Here, in this eBook, we shall see how people have taken network marketing ahead and what you can do to realize its full potential.

Network marketing isn’t what it once was. Times have changed and so has this concept. In this chapter we begin to understand how network marketing is placed in today’s times.

Whatever may have changed with the network marketing world, one thing remains quite constant. This realm is just as  competitive as it ever was. And that’s the reason you need to employ improved strategies if you have to run ahead in
the race. People have become wise to all the new tricks, and it is time we brought something new into our methods.

Network marketing still works with the jungle mentality. The lions eat the hares. That’s one thing that has not changed.

Network marketing has come a long, long way from the fifties when it was first introduced as a business model. However, there are some things that haven’t yet changed much.

It is still very important to give good value to the people in your team.

It is still observed that people at the top (uplines) help the people at the bottom (downlines). Sidelines help each other as well.

Management is still of the prime essence.

It is extremely crucial to have your own standard reputation if you are to make any kind of headway in this world.

Of course, these points are of timeless importance. The basic essence of network marketing still follows through in the 21st century, but the methods in which these are planned have undergone a sea change.

Methods of finding opportunities, methods of prospecting people and methods of keeping one step ahead of the competition have decidedly changed.

Here you shall learn how these new tendencies can be employed to make the best of your network marketing endeavors. You can learn what methods work and what won’t.

At the same time, it needs to spelled out, right here at the outset, that just reading this eBook is not going to make you the next network marketing guru. You have to employ the methods described herein and take advantages of our suggestions if you have to make the business work for you.

Here’s What’s Included

Chapter 2: Network Marketing in the 21st Century

Chapter 3: The Google Revolution

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Opportunity

Chapter 5: Finding the Right Team

Chapter 6: Understanding Compensation Plans

Chapter 7: Methods of Prospecting

Chapter 8: What It Takes to Be a Leader

Chapter 9: Interesting New-Age Products

Chapter 10: Parting Thoughts


This was the new wave of network marketing, something that is much needed if you want to achieve any semblance of success today.

Use these techniques and see your venture soar.

All the Best to You!!!






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