Humankind Fundamental Teachings

Humankind Fundamental Teachings

Humankind Fundamental Teachings – Master, I hope that you do not really believe the title page of this book; do you?
No? Very good!

Do not believe, because it is an advertising trick to catch your attention and make you interested in reading this book.

On the other hand, it is a fact that this book contains some fundamental teachings which were given to humankind by exceptionally wise teachers.

Regardless of whether they were legendary or true men, humankind made some of those teachers so famous that their names and teachings are now worshiped worldwide.

The interesting fact is that those teachers were talking to people about the same fundamental things. In other words, those teachers were disseminating some fundamental information which is essential for understanding and managing Life consciously.

Those teachers appeared in different places and different times; however, while teaching they were using different terms and explanations for same things. This is the reason why most people misunderstand ancient teachings and maybe even quarrel with other researchers or readers.

In order to avoid misunderstanding and to explain some fundamental ancient teachings in this book, I do not use terms used by those teachers of humankind. Where I find it possible, I use commonly understood terms or give new terms with definitions.

Let me make it clear from the beginning – I beg you, I order you, I warn you, I frighten you, I advise you … whatever… in anyway, I state it here as follows.

Please, do NOT ever believe even one word written in this book! I repeat and emphasize. Do NOT believe me! If you do, you may go wrong way and get lost, thus you will suffer. I really do not want you to believe me.

I wish that you do think yourself logically, do your own research, meditate information and experience it, so that you can build your own knowledge.

Why do I want you to read my book? Well, because I would like you to:
– stop following ideas from other people, but fully think yourself;
– rely on and use your unlimited Inner Power;
– get rid of your harmful beliefs;
– end your unawareness and slavery;
– educate yourself consciously;
– live in accordance with nature.

I guess that you do not fully understand what I mean. That is OK for now. The path of changing your awareness from ‘enslaved, unaware sheep’ to ‘enlightened Master Creator of Life’ requires some effort and time.

Yeah, I sincerely admit that I may use some rude or even offending expressions in this book. You may feel that. Why do I do that? My intention never is to be rude or to offend anybody. I just want to make you hear me, pay good attention or even meditate about issues that make you suffer in your life. Please, do not feel upset or offended. Please, do not misunderstand me. Forgive me to talk emotionally. OK?

Why would I share with you information which may help you to achieve the goals stated above? In fact, a lot of information which you will find in this book is banned from public schools.  This information is destined only for the elites, not for the slaves or sheep. I feel that is more beneficial for the humankind to know this information, to make it public.

What I am going to teach here is just some basics. If, having read and meditated the entire content of this book, you decide to know more, really become fully enlightened Master Creator, then … to make a long story short … you need to go with me to nature in order to practice, maybe even do some unusual, crazy or dangerous exercises. Usually, we do that in my advanced seminars in nature.


Well, if you care to, feel free to define me for yourself. You can put any label on me, depends on how you describe or judge me. Be aware that whatever label is put on me, that is not me, for sure. Sincerely, I do not care so much what labels people glue on me. One thing is clear and sure for me, I am not who people think I am nor who they expect me to be.


I am just a simple, ordinary man, nothing really special. As such, I look, feel and behave like an average inhabitant of this planet. It is my choice to be a common man, so that I can experience human life on Earth.

I have been studying Life which includes sciences, religions, philosophy, beliefs, people and nature. I have been experiencing myself, using my body and psyche as laboratory tools, which made me suffer or enjoy all the time, and which allowed me to observe Life deeper. While building my knowledge, I also share it with other people. I teach, which means, I share information from my knowledge, speak what I believe and instruct people to do exercises.


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