How to Build A World – Class Internet Lead Generation Program

How to Build A World – Class Internet Lead Generation Program

Learn Steo-By- Step How to Build an Internet Lead generation program that provides you with a steady supply of fresh leads and new customers!

By Peter Geisheker

How to Build A World – Class Internet Lead Generation Program – What is an Internet Lead Generation System? If you want to be successful in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace, it is essential that you build an inbound content marketing lead generation program to attract and nurture a large audience of people in your niche  market so over time you can convert them into leads and customers.

What is an inbound content marketing lead generation program?

An inbound content marketing lead generation program is a system for creating free content that is valuable to the people in your niche market and then promoting that free content using paid Internet advertising. This is how you attract people in your niche market to go to your website and enter your sales funnel. Think of the free content you create as a magnet to attract people in your niche market to click on your ads and go to your website.

The free content you create and promote to your niche market may include blog posts, eBooks, white papers, reports, podcasts, videos, webinars, infographics, etc. Then, you advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google AdWords to promote your valuable free content to your niche market, so people click on your ads to go to your website to access your free content and enter your sales funnel. This is known as inbound content marketing.

Where most businesses see the biggest bang for their advertising buck is by promoting their free content on Facebook and Google AdWords because those two companies offer the largest and most highly targeted advertising platforms in the world. No matter what a person’s interest (B2C or B2B) you can find them and advertise them on Google AdWords and Facebook.

The biggest secret for being successful with “Social Media Marketing” lead generation.

When you go to a website to read a blog post, and that blog post has thousands of shares on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is almost always because that company paid to promote that blog post. That is the big secret for how companies achieve success in social media marketing and inbound content marketing for lead generation. They pay to promote their blog posts (and their other free content) to get thousands of people in their niche market to go to their website and enter their sales funnel.

We tend to assume that when we see a blog post that has thousands of shares, that those shares are natural, and the company got them for free because the brand is popular, or they are geniuses at social media marketing. The reality is that most of those shares were generated from paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as paying for blog promotion on Google AdWords and on blog promotion networks called, “Content Syndication Networks” that place your blog post advertisement on popular websites that are visited by millions of people.

Now you know why your blog posts only get a couple of social shares instead of thousands of shares. It’s because you didn’t use advertising to promote your blog posts.

“Ahhh… excuse me but I thought this ebook was about building an online lead generation program. Why are you talking about promoting free content and social media marketing?”

The reason I am talking about promoting free content and social media marketing is because it is the foundation for building an inbound content marketing lead generation program. It is how you create an advertising magnet to get thousands of people in your niche market to click on your ads and go to your website to access your free content and learn about your business. It’s also how you get people in your niche market to enter your sales funnel so you can nurture them and over time convert them into long-term customers.

Why not just place regular sales-based ads to generate leads? Why do I have to create free content and pay to promote it?

In the past companies only ran sales-based ads to generate leads and customers. It was a simple advertising process where you placed an ad (online or offline) to sell something and then interested people responded to it and contacted your company as a lead and/or purchased from you. If you knew how to write great ads, this system worked well.

Unfortunately, this sell-first advertising system does not work very well anymore because people now see so many ads, especially on the Internet, that we have built up a natural filter to ignore them.

We now live in a hyper-competitive global marketplace where we are bombarded by advertising on a daily basis. Every day when you go on the Internet you will see hundreds of ads. By now you barely notice them. By the end of today you will probably have at least one hundred Internet ads served to you. How many do you remember? How many did you click on? How many companies did you contact?

Did you buy anything from a company you did not know? Ads on the Internet have become “white noise” that people have learned to tune out. This tuning out of advertising by the masses is what led to the birth of inbound content marketing—businesses creating and promoting valuable FREE content to attract people to visit their website. It is human nature that we are much more likely to notice and click on an ad that is offering us something of value for free where we do not have to buy anything compared to an ad that is just trying to sell us something.

Let’s face it, people hate advertising. People hate being sold to  However, we love finding solutions to our problems. We love getting valuable information for free (this free eeBookfor example). This is why you need to write and promote blog posts and give away helpful free information, such as eBooks, training webinars, videos, white papers, etc.

Writing and promoting valuable free content gives your niche market what they want—information that helps them solve problems. By doing this you are building a relationship with them. They see you as a helpful expert who cares about making their life better. They begin to trust you and form a relationship with you and your company. And once they trust you, they will choose to do business with you!

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