Buying Websites on Ebay

“STOP! Do Not Bid on Another Website on eBay Until You Have Read This Guide! Ensure You Buy a Money Maker & Avoid Getting Ripped Off!”

Date: August 21, 2023

Dear eBay user,

Buying an established website is a great way to own a ready-made web presence. If the website is good you can enjoy the benefit of a strong position in the search engines, capitalize on an instant flow of traffic and indeed sales.

An established website gives you the chance to “jump the queue” as you don’t have to wait months for the search engines to rank you for your chosen keyword and niche.

eBay is becoming an increasingly popular venue for traders to sell their websites because keen buyers looking for an establishedprofitable website are ready to snap them up.

A quick look at eBay Pulse in the UK and the USA reveals that people are looking for “established”, “profitable” “website” “businesses”.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous sellers who are listing rubbish and attracting bids of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for websites not worth a fraction of that amount.

Make sure YOU don’t fall into that trap.

Before you even think about bidding on another website, make sure you read…

Buying Websites on eBay will help you tell the difference between the good, money-making opportunities and the overpriced rubbish which is littering the business categories more and more each day.’

The guide will reveal to you:

The importance of a domain name included with a website and what you should be paying if one is not.

What Google PageRank means and how to check if a corrupt seller has faked the value to try and get a better price.

Why you need to be able to update the website yourself and what dishonest sellers do not tell you when trying to offload their rubbish!

Content is indeed king, but that website with thousands of pages of content up for auction is worthless – find out why buying this site could be a complete waste of money!

An easy way to find out if a website being sold is original or one in a long line of overpriced, duplicate garbage!

Why that website advertised as receiving thousands of hits every day may not be getting as much traffic as the seller would have you believe.

How much you should realistically expect to pay for a website currently earning money and how to avoid the dreaded “expected earnings” scam!

What to do in order to protect yourself from sellers claiming their website earned money before it even existed – that’s right, they are lying!

How to find underpriced websites on eBay you can snap up for a song and relist them for sale to make an instant profit!

…and much more!

You are just moments away from protecting yourself and your website budget from dishonest sellers who spoil it for everyone else!

In fact, you are just mere moments away from changing the way you do business on eBay forever – for the better!

How much is that worth to you?

How about $47 $7?

What are you still waiting for?

Buying Websites on eBay contains only the best information on purchasing websites with confidence. It doesn’t contain any “filler” or “fluff” to increase the page count – just 23 pages of high-quality information focused solely on ensuring you invest your money in a solid, profitable website.

The guide is a PDF document and will work on both PCs and Macs.

Immediate Download! Even if you order at 2am!

note to eBay staff – I am licensed to sell this product.

Regards, Coyalita

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