CPA EXPLOSION Your First CPA Campaign Okay, so far, we have looked at many different aspects of ‘Cost Per Action’ advertising both from the stance of the advertiser and from the viewpoint of the affiliate or website publisher.

Now let us look at a step-by-step plan for how you could launch your first effort to make money by publishing CPA advertising.

The assumption here is that you wish to generate an income by creating leads rather than sales by using CPA advertising, as this is generally easier to do and statistically seems to be more profitable than using CPA advertising on your site or blog to generate sales.

It is, after all, free for people to sign up in order that the required lead will be generated, whereas obviously the sale involves money being spent, hence it makes sense that the former is far easier to generate than the latter!

Step 1: What Is Your Topic?

The first thing that you have to look at is what subject matter or topic you are going to focus on the website or blog that you are going to build on.

You have already seen a list of the kinds of businesses are generally most interested in generating qualified targeted leads through CPA advertising, but you may want to look into this further if none of these subjects fit in with your interests or current business activities.

In order to look at what is available before deciding exactly what it is that you want to do, you will need to join a CPA network or perhaps a few of them so that you have access to a broader spectrum of CPA offers.

Here is a list of some of the leading sites which you can join in order to gain access to the CPA advertising offers that are available. Please note that this list is in no way intended to be exhaustive, and that you will be able to find many more CPA advertising network sites by running a search using Google, Yahoo or MSN.

This list will, however, point you in the right direction to get started:

Commission Junction


Snap (Search Engine Advertising)

JellyFish (Shopping Portal)

CX Digital Media

Affiliate Fuel




ROI Matri

HP Marketing (online plus radio, TV, print & movie advertising)

Millnic Media

One thing that you should note is that most of these CPA advertising network sites will require you to input your website address as part of the signup process. Do not be overly concerned that the address you use is unlikely to be the one to which you will be directing advertisers and potential customers. These details can all be changed later.

Okay so let’s go back and select the advertiser directly beneath CitiFinancial as the advertiser that we wish to attract to the website or blog that we now plan to construct:

As the name ‘Chase Education Finance’ would clearly suggest, this is a service for raising additional cash for student loans, college and university fees from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This is obviously an extremely competitive marketplace as an affiliate payment of $55 per lead would indicate, but equally obviously, the organization behind this particular product is one of the world’s premier financial and banking groups.

It is, therefore, an attractive product of a blue-chip organization that pays affiliates extremely well. For these reasons, this would be a very good product to promote and therefore that is what we will do.

Step 2: Site Targeting

The first step before starting to build the website or blog on which you plan to host the advertising for this particular CPA advertiser is to consider who the advertiser is targeting with their promotional efforts.

I would suggest that in this particular example, the advertiser would have two targets in mind, targets who could almost be categorized as the ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ targets.

The opportunity is listed in the ‘Mortgage Loans ‘section of Commission Junctions website, and they are therefore specifically looking at advertising to homeowners who have sufficient equity in their property to raise capital for student loans and so on, by taking on additional mortgage facilities.

Thus, quite clearly, the primary target for this advertising is not the college aged youngster who is considering entering further education.

The primary targets are their parents who control the purse strings, which in this situation equates to being the people from whom the advertising lender is interested in making money.

In this case, the young people who will be the beneficiaries of the student loans are very much secondary targets. They have no direct control over the money, although it will definitely be helpful if they are happy with and approve of any lender that their parents choose to work with in order to fund their further education.

The primary website or blog that you create should therefore be very firmly targeted at middle-aged homeowning parents, rather than at youngsters. It would not, however, do any harm to carry the same advertising on a secondary subsidiary site that is aimed at the teenagers, as a way of familiarizing them with the advertiser and their products.

And, of course, it is not impossible that the potential college student is the one who sees the advertising first and that they then pass on the information to the ultimate decision makers.

Thus, in this scenario, your strategy would be first to build your primary website, and then to add to it a completely different type of site, which is principally designed to create name awareness and familiarity.

Let’s look at the primary site in detail.

Step 3: Site Content

Looking in the first instance at your primary website, you should be aiming to achieve two objectives.

The first objective is to build a site that will draw visits from members of your principal target audience; that is the middle-aged home owners with college aged children.

You will have to make this site interesting enough to attract these visitors through the content that you provide for them. So, whilst you will certainly want to dedicate a section of your site to financial matters, mortgages and so on, you should make sure that there are a wide range of topics on your site that are likely to appeal to this kind of person.

For example, it will be reasonable to assume that middle-aged homeowners may be interested in gardening, home maintenance, cooking, fine dining, and so on. And, if you are not sure of the kind of categories to include on your site to appeal to these folks, then you can get some tremendous help by taking a quick look at

For example, type in the phrase ‘home maintenance’ and you’ll see a page that looks something like this:

Click on the blue ‘Title’ line of the first book shown, and then scroll half way down the page that this brings you to. You will see something like this, which effectively gives you several pages of hints about the other things that people who have bought this ‘home maintenance’ book are interested in!

Amazon is, therefore, effectively telling you the categories of interests that you should focus your site on.

Your next step will be to begin populating your site with valuable and interesting content. There are several ways that you can get the content materials that you need:

• You can write the materials yourself. This would have the major advantage that everything on your site would be unique, but it would also be the most time-consuming and difficult way of doing things.

• You can pay others to create the content for you by accessing the services of freelance writers through sites like This would again ensure that all the content of your site was unique, but it would also cost money, which at this stage you may not be willing to spend on a brand-new site.

• You could go to any of the major article directories such as
EzineArticles or Go Articles and search for articles in the appropriate category there. These you can use as long as you do not remove the article author’s information when you post it on your site.

This does, of course, mean that your site content is no longer totally unique and that you have links away from your site, but it is extremely simple and quick and is not likely to represent a major negative factor for any advertiser looking at the possibility of working with you and your site.

• You may already have Private Label Rights articles that you can modify and post to your web pages. Unless you make very significant changes to the articles, it is unlikely that they will be completely unique, but this does mean you do not need to include links to other people’s sites in the way that you do when you use articles from directories.

This is not as quick nor as simple as using directory articles, but it is considerably quicker and easier than writing your own materials from scratch.

So, create your site, include half a dozen categories to start with (add more later as you go along) and populate each of these categories with a reasonable number of articles.

In order to make the site look as attractive and welcoming as possible, download and include a few free pictures here, and take a look at YouTube and Google Video to see whether there are any interesting instructional videos that you can add to your site in order to increase its ‘General interest’ value.

For example, a search of YouTube using the keyword ‘gardening’ returns 5380 results, many of which are ‘gardening tips’ movies, so there would definitely be something that you could do in this respect to enhance the site that you are building.

Basically, your objective in all of this is to build a simple but attractive and welcoming website that looks professional enough to attract the favorable attention of a large-scale ‘big name’ CPA advertiser.

Step 4: Get Traffic

Once you have constructed your site, you need to start driving visitors to it as quickly as possible, as any big advertiser is certainly going to be looking at traffic statistics as one of the criteria by which they select the sites which they will work with and those that they will not.

To do this, you would use exactly the same tactics that you use to drive traffic to any other website such as article marketing, PPC advertising, forum posting and sending details of your new site to any mailing list that you have, and so on.

You may want to consider sending such visitors to a landing page before they visit your main site as a way of gathering names and e-mail addresses for your mailing list, or you might simply offer a free gift in return for these details on your main page site.

In either case, assuming that your advertising is pulling in the right kind of visitor then either strategy will enable you to build your own mailing list of potential customers for the “‘Chase Education Finance’” program, so even if they did not sign up as the first time they visit, you can keep pushing them to do so, subsequently.

This will be particularly valuable if your application for the program is not successful the first time, as this enables you to offer those on your list alternatives or allows you to again propose Chase should you successfully re-apply at a later date.

Step 5: Apply!

Once you have done all of this the time has finally come to apply for the advertising program that you are interested in, and then to wait to see if you are approved.

If you are approved, you will start to carry the advertising on your site almost immediately, and then of course you should step up your promotional efforts in order to maximize the number of visitors who come to your site, and therefore see the appropriate CPA advertising.

If, however, you are rejected then you can either search for alternative advertisers (and there will be many of them) or you can work at making your site even better so that you can re-Apply at a later date.

In this situation, I would generally look for alternatives rather than wait for an advertiser to change their mind, as there is no guarantee whatsoever that they ever will do so, and all the time that your site remains unapproved, you are losing potential advertising revenues.

So, unless for some reason you have an absolutely overwhelming burning desire to promote one particular advertiser, I would strongly recommend that you should simply look for alternatives if they reject your initial application.

So that, in summary, is how you would go about launching your first CPA campaign by establishing and creating a brand-new website.

If, however, you already have a website that you simply want to add CPA advertising to then you need to join some of the network sites shown earlier, so that you can investigate what advertisers are looking to promote their products using CPA advertising methods.

As you will probably appreciate by now, not all products are necessarily suitable for CPA advertising strategies, so there is no guarantee that in this situation you will necessarily be able to find anything that matches the content of your existing site.

You will never know, however, until you join some of the networks mentioned previously so that you can investigate thoroughly and find out!

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